A computer is a machine that carries all types of data. This data is saved in the hard drive of the computer, which consists of personal information like account number, phone number, passwords, licensed keys, and numerous software, which can be harmful to a user if they fall in the wrong hands. So when it’s come to dispose of an old computer, then it is important to delete all the information carefully so it cannot fall in the wrong hands. There are a few ways which should be considered before disposing of an old computer. If you think of giving it to someone else or want to dispose of an old computer; then you should take some steps. If you don’t know how to dispose of an old computer please read this article till the end. In this article, we have accumulated all the vital information about disposing of an old computer.

Take a Backup of your Personal Information:

Before deleting any file or data, you should save important files at someplace. For this purpose, take a backup of your data and transfer it to the new system. You can use an external hard drive to save or store your data from the old system before disposing of the old computer.

If you want an easy way to take a backup of your data, then you can use a cloud service such as Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, and Box. After taking back up your files and data in the cloud, you can access those files and data to your new machine by using an internet connection or also you can use your smartphone. Cloud also helps in that situation when you don’t have your data, and still, you require that then you can download it from your cloud in any device.

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Do more than Deleting Your Files:

In a machine, when you delete your files, it does not mean those files are gone forever. You can retrieve those files again by using some software. These retrieve software can also be used by another party when you sell your system to someone else.

Disposing of old computer is not easy that you think. The deleted files do not show up in your system, but still, those files are there until overwritten and can be recovered by the recovery problem. There are a few steps that should be considered to avoid recovery.

Overwrite and Delete Sensitive Files

If there are files or other sensitive information and documents, then you must delete all those files using specialized software that are designed to meet the standards of government for the secure process of deletion. If your old computer has a window, then you can use File Shredder. But if you have Mac, then you can use the option of Secure Empty Trash. This option can be found under the finder.

Turning on Drive Encryption

For windows, you can go to the setting and them.  There will be an option at the bottom of Bit locker Settings or Drive Encryption. By using which you can encrypt your device. In the Mac system, you can choose System Preferences and then privacy & security and there will be an option of File Vault, which you can turn on. After that, you can choose a password and then restart the system. 

Computer De-Authorization

Some software such that Microsoft office 365 and iTunes are those which only permit you to install the software on a limited number of systems. So it is important to de-authorize your system before uninstalling your programs.

Browsing History Deletion

Most of the software saves the browsing history, and by use of setting, you can access your username and password. This information can fall in the wrong hands, and remote access can occur on your system. So it is important to delete the browsing history from the software and apps to avoid unauthorized access to your data.

Programs Uninstallation

A program such as Microsoft Office may comprise confidential info like your address, name, and other details. So, it is important to uninstall all the programs before disposing of old computer.

Wipe your Hard Drive:

Once you do everything, such as deleting data to removing and uninstalling programs and software, it is important to factory reset your old computer to make sure that you have deleted your data and software. To erase all the data from your hard drive, you can restart, download, and install the Eraser program.

The Steps of the Eraser Program are

Once enabled, you can click the download arrow next to the Eraser schedule, select a New Project, select the Run option, and then attach info. Unused Disk Space is available under target type, you can check the eraser cluster tips and click OK. The Easer device then restores all the file that was saved at reset time indefinitely. For an SSD drive, go to System & Security control panel and then to administrative resources. Then device security, then right-click the drive where the data are kept.

Choose the new volume here and then ask until the Setup window is provided. Make sure you don’t test the fast file and then install the move. You can also use the Blancco Move Eraser for a complete erase if your old computer does not have the option to encrypt the hard drive.

How to Upgrade OSX

If you have a Mac system and want the operating system X to be reinstalled and erased in the menu bar, select the Apple menu and then restart. While restarting the Mac, hold down the R and Command buttons. Additionally, select the utility of Disk, then click on Continue. And press on the Erase tab to pick the startup disk.

Also, from the Format menu, select the Mac Operating System Extended, then enter the name and click Remove. After the disk has been removed, pick the disk utility and then delete the disk utility. Choose Operating System X to reinstall, click Continue and follow the instructions on the screen.

Smash the Hard Drive Before Recycling:

When you’re intending to reuse a machine, banging a method against your disk to dispose of old computers can be satisfactory to get some frustration out of old technology. The National Standards and Technology Institute (NIST) also says that it is one way to protect sensitive information that can be kept inside. The goal is to bend or break your hard drive to make it difficult for someone to recover the data, according to the federal tech agency.

To start with this, first, disconnect all the sources of power from your old computer. Once you have removed the hard drive, the NIST mentions these safety precautions:

  • Eliminate mounting brackets and steel shielding from the old computer’s hard drive.
  • Put the hard-drive on an undamaged surface.
  • Use suitable safety equipment like protective goggles.

It’s time to smash the hard drive once these plans are made. The NIST recommends you can hit the top hard enough to make sure the disk surfaces are destroyed. Also, you should be cautious to break the ports so that you can attach them to another computer.

It’s a period to crash the hard drive once these plans are made. The NIST advises that you can hit hard the disk surface and make sure that surfaces are destroyed. You should also be careful about destroying the ports so that you could easily connect to other devices. By properly following these steps, you can safely dispose of old computers and be peaceful knowing about your data has been removed.

You can also physically damage your hard drive. If you are going to reuse your machine and you’re very nervous about someone retrieving your data. Cut out the disk and pound a lot of gaps in it, or smash it with a hammer.

Hope you get the answer to the question of “ how to dispose of computer hard drive .”

Recycling and Trading:

The best way to dispose of the old computer is to trade-in, recycle, sell or donate your computer.

Recycling Your Computer

If you choose to recycle it, remember that certain recyclers will take your old computer and send it to developing countries where children use to scavenge stacks of e-waste in search of useful elements.

To stop adding to this unethical activity, use a recycler which has been accredited to fulfill the R2 level by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) or is part of the “e-Steward” network, ensuring that they do not sell to countries like China or Pakistan and obey certain high standards. Many of them will also reuse and repair electronics.

PC retailers are honored under regulations of UK WEEE to provide customers with take-back facilities to return the old equipment whenever an item for replacement is purchased-free of charge. Depending on the size of the company, the quality and range of service offerings vary.

When you purchase a similar product, some of the bigger ones, like PC World, will recycle old gadgets. For example, when you buy a new PC, Dell will assemble your old item for free, irrespective of brand. Some, such as Amazon.co.uk, can guide you after you purchase a specified recycling center to recycle your PC.

Trading-in Your Computer

What to do with an old computer: As for handing your Computer or laptop, there will be tons and tons of companies providing trade-in services and providing a wide range of used products. Amazon, Staples, and BestBuy are the choices. Your nearest Best Buy also has opportunities for selling, but first, equate what it sells to online services.

  • Determine if the local retailers and the computer manufacturer sponsors a trade-in program. A program of trade-in agrees you return a system to the retailer or manufacturer for a certificate that approves the new computer purchase at a reduced price. To locate a program of trade-in, admittance the website of retailers or manufacturers.
  • Apply for a statement from the trade-in sponsor program. Measure the net value of a new purchase of a device by including the price of the computer’s purchase, storage costs, and exchanging interest. Equate this cost to the price of other retailers. When you give the machine to an organization of non-profit, equate the deduction amount to the tax credit.
  • Deliver or ship the machine to the organizer of the trading system. Provide the paperwork needed for the new computer to obtain the discount. Therefore, they receive the necessary guidance to conclude the process of trade-in.
  • In the agreement of trade-in, buy a new computer. Follow the directions of the sponsor of the program as you submit to the sponsor the trade-in certificate and buy the computer. For example, the program sponsor may require you to send the old computer to a local retailer who will offer a trade-in certificate that you request for the new computer with your purchase order.

What other things you can do with that old Computer or How can you use it:

what can I do with an old Computer

You can convert that old computer to a Home Server or NAS. Free NAS is open-source designed software that is used to turn an old computer into the storage device attached to the network.

 You can also denote it to anyone that can be a family and friends or a school or a needy person, else you can recycle it and use it again and can do experiments on it. You can also turn it in media station, can use it as a file server, make money on it, and also can create an external hard drive by using the old system.

If you are a creator of content, you can massively speed up final renders for complex projects by getting another PC to assist with distributed rendering activities. Every code treats rendering, spread a little inversely, so you’ll have to review your documents.

Yet usually, on the second rendering device, you can run a lightweight program that commands and takes data from the primary system and returns results when completed. Your development system’s primary application, or a different manager device, performs rendering through many networked networks. Thus, these ways help you to keep your sensitive data safe and secure. File which is deleted by these steps can never be recovered with any recovery program.

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