If you are not satisfied with your present job in which you are working 9-5 in the office. Even if you are thinking of working from home then we have good news for you. That there are more opportunities than you think to work from home jobs. It is true that its impossible that you find true work from home jobs in all usual places, but many companies are providing such arrangements. Hence it’s just a matter of searching. And we are here to help you in knowing where to find those jobs.

If you are seriously interested in starting any online work, from home kind of one of the true work from home jobs. Then we are here providing you a list of the top 10 true work from home jobs. Along with providing you the best ultimate information about all those jobs. We give you the assurance that you may find your desired job from our list and start working without needing any other 100 people’s advice.

What is the Top True Work from Home Jobs?

With work from home jobs, we can trade our time for earning money. Hence we can say that the top true work from home jobs helpful for us to make more money in a few amount fo time.

Here is the list of top 10 true work from home jobs, from which you can start earning money from home by ownself-:

Topmost 10 True Work from Home Jobs-:

Virtual Assistant-:

Commonly, most businesses hire such virtual assistants so that they help them to organize and complete administrative tasks. These virtual assistants are the independent contractors that provide creative, technical, and organizational services to their clients, from home or offices. So we can say it is an excellent opportunity for one who is looking for a true work from home jobs.

The job of a virtual assistant includes creating and distributing all the documents related to business, writing contents, composing and responding to emails and responding to media and marketing inquires, etc. A virtual assistant has to provide all these services to their business client. Hence it is like a helping hand for any business.

While the pay of virtual assistants is varied in different countries, but usually, a virtual assistant can get between $15 to $75 per hour.


The job of a  translator is one of the true work from home jobs. Most translators are doing their job from home. It is also important that if you want to start a career as a translator that you need a bachelor’s degree. The essential thing that you required for being a translator is fluencies in at least two languages. So we should have excellent knowledge and sharp catching on those two languages. So if you have both required things, then it’s a good job for you for true work from home jobs.

According to a report of BLS notes, there are around 22% translators that had self-employed in 2016.

According to that same report, the national average pay for a translator was $46,120. Although if any translator is professional in his work and they have thousands of clients, then they can earn an average of $83,010.

Travelling Agent-:

Traveling business is one of the businesses that are popular jobs all over the world. The major reason for its popularity is that it’s not required a particular fixed period of working. Travelling agent is a worker who uses the internet to earn money by online working. According to a report of BLS, this field is best for that travel agent who can offer specific services in certain places in the world. Those who have years of experience in planning adventures and tours, or who are offering the group travel services also.

There are 30% travel agents who are self-employed, and they said that this is one of the true work from home jobs—traveling agents $40,000 around as national average wage.

Data Entry-:

There are so many businesses that need many workers to enter various business data in their systems. It does not matter which kind of data it is such as data that used to create business plans, track shipments or inventories, and measure output or performances. The job of a data entry operator requires one computer and well typing skills, so it’s possible that you can perform this job from home or office. If you are thinking of starting one of the true work from home jobs, then this is one of the best jobs you can start.

The data entry workers of a country can share $32000 to  $45,000 around earning as in national median wages.

Freelance Web Developer-:

If you have skills of working online and you have well knowledge of different online working such as web browsing, etc. Then it is fairly good and easy for you to build your own websites. You can start online working as a web developer for various clients. There is a huge population that is not able to create their own sites, so they seek one web developer who can make websites and write blogs. The job of a web developer is one of the job’s best true work from home jobs. This job requires only relevant skills and an internet connection.

It’s also important that the national median wages of web developers are around $67000 annually. In fact, the top 10% of web developers are able to earn an average of $120,000 annually.

Freelance Writing Jobs -:

Freelancing writing is one of the best true work from home jobs. Freelance writing jobs requires an internet connection and excellent content writing skills. At present, some so many writers are working online than ever before. A freelance content writer requires to come up always with creative and engaging ideas or thoughts. They have to write new articles, blogs for a website, company, or newspaper on the internet. They also fill the pages of nearly every site on the internet. If you have good content writing skills and want to work from home, then freelancing writing is one of the best opportunities for you.

According to the report of BLA notes freelance writers earned $62,000 around nationally in 2016. Mostly professional freelancers are earning at least $150 to $200 per article.

Social Media Manager-:

Today it’s natural that every big or small business using social media as a unique platform for advertising and connecting with its customers. With social media advertising now business is getting benefits because now they save their lots of money that they pay to television, print or radio for advertising. But it is impossible for every business to manage their social media accounts, so they hire a social media manager for managing their accounts. So this is one of the works that can be done from home or office both. So we can say this is also one of the true work from home jobs.

If you want to start a job as a social media manager, then its good news for you that a social media manager can normally earn $15 to $75 per hour.

Call-Center Representative-:

Most businesses need workers that attend their business-related calls, process orders, or deal with clients and assist customers. The job of the call center representative requires only a great phone voice to help, the experience of customer service and skills of data entry, retail sales, or management. It is also a job that you can perform from home and office as well. If you want to be a call center representative, then you require a computer, specific software, and equipment also.

 According to glassdoor.com, call center representatives can earn around $30,000 to $35,000 per annum.

Online Tutor-:

At present, with the advancements in technology and science, online tutoring is one of the developing fields. It is also one of the excellent ways of work for one who is looking for true work from home jobs. If you have sufficient experience in teaching and knowledge of specific subjects, then you should start an online tutor job

According to the report emphasized by a national newspaper, an experienced teacher can earn $11 to $60 per hour.

Online Survey Jobs-:

Most of the companies are working with a mentality to improve their quality from time to time. Therefore companies want to go inside the mind of consumers. They want to know what the consumers expect from their products. For doing so, those sites hire people for take surveys. So an online survey job is one of the best jobs from home. If you want to start work from home, then you can join an online surveying job.

If you are working with complete dedication working as an online job survey; then you can earn $50.00 to $200 per month.


We have mentioned the Top 10 true work from home jobs in 2020. We also discussed all the requirements that you need for such jobs and how much you can earn from those different work from home jobs. So if you are even thinking of getting off your present 9 to 5 office job and starting work from home. Then you can start one of the suitable work from home job, from the list that we provide you. If you select any of job from the list then you can easily earn enough money for living and also get sufficient time for spending with your friends and family.

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