If one has lost his/her job that will be one of the scariest experiences in their life. Illinois, luckily, gives unemployment benefits to those people who have lost their job through no mistake of their own. At the IDAS office you can apply online by phone in the first week. Don’t forget to recertify your benefits eligibility every two weeks, up to 26 weeks in a period of one year. This article will help you know how to file for unemployment in Illinois.

What you Need for Filing for Unemployment 

If you are applying for unemployment in Illinois, you are required to give your personal information that involves your phone number, date of birth, your home address, email ID (optional). You are also required to give information about the employment history of your last 15 months. 


Not every unemployed employee is eligible for unemployment benefits in Illinois. Check whether you meet the requirements or not before you apply. You might qualify if the reason for leaving your work is not you. You might qualify if you left because of domestic violence, sexual harassment, or any other reason.

  • Collect the required information
  • Employers Names, phone numbers, state ID or driver’s license. and addresses  
  • Your Reasons for leaving those jobs
  • Date of your job duration(start and end date)
  • Recall date (date when you are returning to the job

Eligibility for Unemployment in Illinois

There are mainly three requirements by which you can be eligible to file unemployment in Illinois.

  • Your earnings in your last companies must meet some least thresholds.
  • According to Illinois law You must be jobless through no fault of your own.
  • You must be capable, ready, and searching for work.

Apply Online

The online method is the selected method of applying. Visit the IDES website. You need to generate a username and password there.

Visit an Office to File

Another method by which you can file for unemployment is from the IDES office. Don’t forget to take your Social Security card and a secondary form of iDs, such as your state ID card or driver’s license.

Select the Method of Payment.

Direct depositing or a debit card method can be used for your benefits. If you select the option of direct deposit, then the amount of benefit will be deposited in at least two business working days. Otherwise, it will be considered as the option of the debit card that one can receive as a direct deposit. Further details related to the card would be delivered to you, and benefits can be loaded after the two days of business work.

Registering with the Employment Service

 Many applicants will require you to register. On the basis of your answer when you will apply, you have to visit www.IllinoisJobLink.com and submit at least one resume on the website.

Compete in an Interview( if necessary)

IDES might ask you to have a telephonic interview. In some circumstances, you will just fill out a survey and mail it back in. The employer calls few people for an interview in the IDES office. You will have to interview if your company disagrees with your unemployment benefits application.

Get your UI Findings

After your unemployment has been filed IDES will send you this information. Make sure the information included in it is correct if anything is wrong then contact IDES. The form should include the following information: 

  • The date of your certification.
  • The payments company paid you over the past 12 months.
  • Your benefits start and end date.
  • In weekly benefits how much you qualify.
  • Your maximum benefit balance.

Check on What Day you Should Certify

Certifying means requesting benefits. After applying, you will receive a call day for certifying benefits. Contact IDES If you don’t receive this information.

Actively Search for Work

If you want to keep receiving benefits then you need to search for work and get yourself prepared for work. There are chances that IDES might ask where you have been searching and your prospects for getting hired. Keep detailed records of dates for applying and where you applied. Not all need to submit this information.

Additional Information in Specific Situations:

  • If you are not United state resident — your Alien Registration number
  • You need to give the date of birth and society security numbers of your children’s(if you have)
  • You need to give you union name and your local number if you are in union

Check If you are Meeting the Requirements of your State to Continue Receiving Unemployment Benefits.

You can get details of your own state’s program by choosing your state in the box below, but most states need the following:

  • File weekly claims, normally by phone or mail.
  • Report earnings of work you had throughout the week(s). States have various rules while receiving benefits on how much money you can earn. 
  • Report any job which gives you a decline throughout the week.
  • If asked, address to your local Unemployment Insurance claims office or American Job Center on the listed time and day. The advantages may be rejected for those who do not visit. 
  • Some states need work registration with the State Employment Service, so it can help you in searching for employment.


Now do not get confused with the things about how to file for unemployment in Illinois as the process of applying for unemployment is relatively straightforward and easy. But there is a condition that if one wants to get unemployment benefit, then he/she must pay at least 1,500 dollars wages in the last year and at least for 2 quarters and the reason for unemployment is your own fault. Or we can say that if you are fired or quit any job, then one would not be claimed for the unemployment benefits.

You can simply apply from the website of IDES (Illinois Department of Employment Security), through any person or phone. One needs to undergo interviews to answer the question after filling the questionnaire form. You can also ask to register with the different employment services that help you to find new opportunities or jobs. So follow all the step that is mentioned above and get your unemployment benefits easily.

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