Hobart, the Tasmania capital city, is a heart of natural beauty, history, culture, and food. Whatever you are interested to go, you will find lots of fun and attractive things to do in Hobart.

If you are planning to go to Australia and looking for things to do in Hobart then you are in the right place! Read the article for 10 things to do in Hobart, Australia. After reading these 10 things you can do in Hobart, Australia, you will be planning your trip in no time! 

10 things to do in Hobart :

Museum of New and Old Art(MONA)

MONA was Started in 2011. It is the Museum of New and Old Arts and when it comes to attraction it is one of Hobart’s most talked-about attractions. This interesting private selection of current art and artifacts is located underground and gives interactive study through movable touch screen devices. 

Amongst the several facilities here are a library, chic restaurant, contemporary accommodations, entertainment venues, and cinema. The most fun way to reach the museum is aboard a high-speed ferry from Hobart’s waterfront. Address: 655 Main Road, Berriedale, Hobart

Enjoy Fishing and Chip Lunch at Sandy Bay

Soak your feet into Hobart’s Sandy Bay beach and see the yachts sail by as you experience a calorific lunch and chips. With locals, South Hobart Shop of fish has a great reputation. There are also several piers here where you can while away some time watching people fish with differing degrees of achievement.

Visit Salamanca Markets

With an increase in Tasmania’s reputation and fresh air for artisan growers and producers, it is not unexpected that markets are a necessary part of experiencing Hobart. With about 300 open-air shops every Saturday from 8.30 am the Salamanca market is different and very popular. There are artisan products, produce, clothing, crafts, live music, and lots of ready-to-eat choices to experience as you walk around or in the nearby waterfront and parks. I do suggest getting in quick for the best idea, by 2 pm several of the shops are packing up.

Take a Trip to the Port Arthur Historic Site

The most populous and most flawless of the World Heritage Australian Convict Sites are established at Port Arthur, about 90 minutes from the city. This is an extraordinary day journey or stays a few days to travel the whole area as you surely will not see it all in one day. 

Experience the Wildlife 

Tasmania has some amazing local wildlife to experience if you go out of the city. You have a greater chance of seeing wombats and platypus here than in other areas in Australia and it is the only spot where you will find the Tasmanian birds or Devil-like 40 spotted pardalotes. In the water, you may see a huge range of penguins, seabirds, seals, whales, and dolphins. 

Walk Near Tasman Bridge

One of Hobart’s most notable landmarks, the Tasman Bridge crosses the Derwent River in a strong arch, carried on various piers. It links the suburb of Montagu with the Queen’s Domain. Eleven years after it was initiated in 1964, a cargo vessel hit one of the docks, endangering the bridge with a fall. A replacement bridge was initiated in 1977. You can walk across the bridge on dedicated tracks and experience beautiful pictures of the river and dock.

Experience the Journey on the River Derwent

From Tasmania’s central highlands Lake St Clair in the Derwent River passes over 200 km, falling into the Hobart city until it meets the Tasman Sea at Storm Bay. The forested banks were once settled by communities of Tasmania’s Aboriginal, after that they were produced by European immigrants and today there is a mix of fishing, recreation, transportation and industry taking place with its length. There are various alternatives to get a small cruise on the lower river.

Mount Wellington

In Hobart, Mount Wellington is one of the recommended places to visit, and with a valid purpose. Mounting 1270m high, sometimes you can also see snow there, which is stunning. At this height, the sky is usually clear and blue. And you can have 360-degree pictures of everything around you in Hobart. From the city center, there is one road connecting to the top of Mount Wellington. You can use a car or city bus to reach there. Wallington park is beautiful and there are many other walks in the park where you can enjoy the wildlife and beauty of the park. For those who are looking for more fun, there are several other ways including biking, rock climbing, horse riding, and biking. Whenever you decide to go to Hobart don’t miss this.

Take a Walk to Battery Point

This place will take you back in time. Many buildings here are dated from the 1830s and you will find several colonial-style buildings as you walk its streets. The choicest way to travel Battery Point is on foot. And you will see many old-fashioned cafes and shops along with some of the most prized real estate in Hobart. Battery Point is an architectural masterpiece with highlights. Which include St George’s Arthur Circus and Anglican Church, several homes built for officers of the army. If you are interested in the architecture and history of the area, try a walking tour of the town. Battery Point is an excellent place to eat, varying from some very expensive restaurants to more moderately priced pubs and restaurants.

Festivals and Events

Another things to do in Hobart is you can visit awesome eclectic festivals or events. The famous Salamanca Market is open every Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm. Every Friday hyperactive street food market Street Eats @ Franko is on. In the night between December and April, from 4.30 pm to 9 pm.

Fun annual events every summer include Arts Festival and Falls Music the Taste of Tasmania, Cygnet Folk Festival, race. From Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht, and the MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival. 


We have mentioned some of the Best Things to do in Hobart. To truly get to know you must visit these places once in your life. There are so many other places you can visit in Hobart make sure you add these places. To your list before you decide to visit Hobart.

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