The best garage door openers might be ignored because there is a possibility that your home came with the pre-installed garage door openers. But, if you are planning to buy the new garage door opener, then its process might not be as straightforward as you are thinking. The modern system has the number of add-ons and other features. There is a variety of garage door openers that can be accessible in the market and have a different range of prices. But, you might not be aware of the fact that the best garage door openers are available at reasonable prices. But because of the availability of these openers, you might not able to select one that can last for several years.

Although there is a range of various kinds of openers, their functionality would be the same as other garage door openers. Each unit of them consists of a motor that helps a trolley to move upward and downward, which has connection with the door joined. When a trolley employes, then it can move the garage door. There is a basic difference between them, and its kind of openers is driving utility.

In this post, you will get to know the different kinds of the best garage door openers, their features that you are looking for, and which you should select among them. Before proceeding to the best garage door openers, let’s take some information about the types of garage door openers.

Different kinds of garage door openers


It is famous for its durability and affordability, as the chain-driven door opener has a metal chain that can move the trolley down and up to close and open the garage door. But, there is a drawback of using the chain-driven opener that it can create noise while using it.


It is a rubber belt, use to drive the trolley. It is much quieter as compared to the chain-driven door opener. The belt-driven door openers also manageable, and they require less maintenance as compared to chain drives. But these garage door openers might burn a hole in your pocket as their initial cost is much higher.


If you want a door opener that opens within a few seconds, then this can be one of the best garage door opener options. Screw-driven openers have a threaded steel rod that helps the door to drive upward and downward by wrapping a wire around to open the door up and unwrapping its to put the door down. These garage door openers are reliable and durable, but they might need more maintenance as there is need to replace the wire from time to time. They are not strong enough that can handle heavier, larger doors; therefore, you need to stick with single-car doors for it.


It another name is jackshafts, as these kinds of doors have a motor that can easily move the pulleys up and down and cables to raise the door, and turn the torsion bars. They can work for almost all kinds of doors and they have large space savers, but there is a drawback of them that they are quite expensive. 

What are the other main features that one should consider

Horsepower is used to determine the door’s weight that is essential for door openers and how efficiently the door can be moved. As per the kinds of the door you might have, now you have to ensure that it should have enough power so that it can function safely and accordingly. There are three different levels for horsepower that can be found in various garage doors: ½ is best for sectional doors or dual cars around 300 pounds, ⅓ might be able to lift single-car garage doors, and finally, ¾ up to 1.5 will provide you a high-power, and high-tech openers with the capability of 400 pounds lifting weights.

The material which can be used for doors could e wood, especially in the older garages; therefore, it can be considered as a higher horsepower even if it is of small size. If one wants to install a high-power door opener for the lighter doors, then using these openers, you can speed up the processes, and the door can open faster.

There is a thing that you have to keep in mind, which is whether the device is available with built-in Wi-Fi or not. This blog has listed some of the best garage door openers that can easily connect with the Wi-Fi, some by the hub, and others might need the purchase for another hub, then it can be connected via the compatible app.


Chamberlain Group C870

CONSUMER SCORE: Almost 88% of consumers gave this 4-star rating.

It is a powerful belt-driven door opener with Wi-Fi.

There are sturdiness and charm which can be available with wooden garage doors, but they are heavy in weight. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that it can not crash down your car; therefore, it should be a powerful opener that is safe to use. The C870 cab lifts the door with the belt and has a motor of 1.25-hp, which is quite as well as powerful.

If the battery dies or power goes, then it has the backup, which helps to keep it from plugging away. This door opener has built-in Wi-Fi, which can be connected with the MyQ app. Through this app, one connects it with another smart device such as a set schedule for opening and closing of the door and a voice-controlled smart speaker. Therefore, one does not need to get worried about whether you have the door open or not as you will receive the notification for it, then you can close it. If you want to use it with voice control, then you can connect it with the smart devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home.


Chamberlain B1381 

CONSUMER SCORE: Almost 94% of consumers gave this 4-star rating.

It is sightly light up in the nights.

There are various garage door openers that are available with smart capabilities, and they come with smart LED lights. It can be connected with the sensors that can light up the house when the garage door would open. The MyQ app can grant you to control the door just as other Chamberlain, it can connect with the Wi-Fi. There is another feature of it that it will notify you whenever someone opens the door of your garage, which is the added feature for security. It can link with the Amazon Key, which can reduce the risk of theft too. 

It has easy installation along with the online video facility that helps you to select it for yourself. But if the door length is higher than seven feet, then it needs extensions; therefore, it requires a professional to install it. The experience related to it is like “daunting at first if one first opens it, but if you depend on these kinds of the device, then make a video of its installation process and watch whenever required.” 



CONSUMER SCORE: Almost 94% of consumers gave this 4-star rating.

It can be considered a pocket-friendly device.

It can be a traffic choice among the best garage door openers if you want a pocket-friendly device. With the help of a chain drive. It is reliable and sturdy besides this there is a drawback for that it is quite noisy. This also has an advanced security system called security+ 2.0, which can send you the new code each time, one opens the door. This device has an auto-reversing function that can sense the interruptions between the door and the ground.It immediately reverses back the door to go up. The biggest problem that individuals have to follow the instructions, there is a customer who reviewed on Amazon that its instruction was quite confusing. But they set this device with ease. 



CONSUMER SCORE: Almost 88% of consumers gave this 4-star rating.

It is available with low maintenance and easy installation process.

The screw-driven is one of the best garage door openers choice offers you powerful, quick, and quiet movement. But it might be more expensive as compared to chain-driven and belt, and it comes with less maintenance facility. Additionally, individuals claimed that it was a great choice for DIYers. One the consumer wrote the review at Home Depot that the guidelines are quite easy to follow and if one of you uses before any other garage door opener, and then its time to take a snap of it”. Others wrote that once it connects, it can be adjusted and readjusted as per your requirement.  This door opener is powerful to handle wooden and large doors.



CONSUMER SCORE: Almost 90% of consumers gave this 4-star rating.

It is available with high speed and space saver types of equipment.

LiftMaster 8500 is another choice for the best garage door opener, but it is more expensive than others. But if one wants to save their space, then it can be worthful for you. The mechanism of this device can be installed right next to the door’s topside.It takes even less than one square foot of overall space. As it is a jackshaft. It can function with the help of cables and pulleys system to open the doors quickly.It is quite as compared to other devices but not quite as that of belt devices.

If you have a short and compact ceiling, then it can be a great choice. It has a deadbolt system that automatically locks the door, which makes it more secure. The biggest issue with it is that various individuals found this model; it connects to the MyQ app was spotty and unreliable and much significant with the price.


This blog has all the information about what are the best garage door openers that are available in the market. You know that there are different kinds of garage door openers that are classified as per the required space, expansiveness, and much more. We have listed the top 5 garage door openers that are available in the market, and you can select any of them and install them as per your requirements. Whether you are looking for a quite door opener to set up or any space oriented devices, this list helps you out to select the best door opener. 

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