A Best keyboard piano is the first instrument for many beginners. The reason is that it is the basic foundation for other instruments like the guitar. The basic foundation of the piano can make different instruments, more easy. Understanding melodies and scales, chords can be simpler on the piano. Selecting a piano can be somewhat difficult, regardless of whether you are experienced in playing the piano or simply beginning your journey of learning piano. There is the unbelievable scope of alternatives out there, from wonderfully created acoustic pianos to flexible electronic emulation for the stage and home. So whether you need something modest that is adequate to rehearse on, or more very good quality model for skilled use, it’s frequently doubtful to understand where to begin with when it comes to selecting the best keyboard piano for you.

Here is the list of best keyboard piano.

Yamaha PSRF51 Keyboard

 For beginners Yamaha PSRF51 Keyboard is the best Yamaha keyboard. It is a manageable keyboard having 61 keys. It can work with an AC adapter, or instead you can run it by utilizing six 1.5-V AA-size batteries. The sound quality of this piano is so realistic and comes with powerful features like a dual voice and duo mode.

This Yamaha model also comes with a headphone audio jack and speakers that will enable you to learn without disturbing others. It is an excellent product at a great cost.

Main Features

  • The weigh of this keyboard 7 lbs 8 ozs.
  • A number of keys: 61.
  • This keyboard power consumption: 6 watts with an AC adapter.
  • Dimension: 940×109×306 mm.
  • This keyboard has 114 preset styles and 120 voices. 
  • Required batteries are six 1.5-V AA size batteries, which can be either rechargeable or non-rechargeable.
  • Tempo Range :11 – 280 and Transpose :-12 to 0, 0 to +12
  • The Keyboard model is simple to use because of its color-coded intuitive panel.
  • This keyboard comes with a music rest for holding sheet music.
  • It has a LED display in the control panel.
  • It normally comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Tone Generating Technology in this keyboard AWM Stereo Sampling.

Yamaha PSRI455

This keyboard is an organ-style keyboard that contains 61 keys, making it perfect for learners. Yamaha PSRI455 has 753 voices and 206 styles including 26 Indian styles, 19 Indian voices, and its 10-tune and 6-track sequencer. Aside from the Indian voices and styles, it likewise incorporates styles from everywhere throughout the world, making it known for its ethnic decent variety. 

This keyboard has a touch reaction with handle controls making it simple to utilize. It is additionally incredible for instrument and voice preparation. Consequently, in the event that you are a starter searching for playing ethnic music from all around the globe, this keyboard would be an appropriate decision. It might be costly, yet it positively guarantees an incentive at the cost.

Main Features

  • Yamaha PSRI455 keyboard is a digital organ-style.
  • Size: 92 mm x 42 mm.
  • Power consumption: 16 watts with AC adapter (PA-150 A).
  • Required batteries: Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (LR&), manganese (R6), or Six “AA” size alkaline. 
  • The total number of keys: 61.
  • It gives 206 styles built-in and 753 voices.
  • This keyboard has a touch response with knob controllers and an LCD on the control panel.
  • It has Tone Generating Technology: AWM Stereo Sampling.
  • It has 26 Indian styles, 19 Indian voices, and its 6-track sequencer and 10-song.
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It has auto-power off function.

Casio SA-46(Casio Mini Keys Keyboard)

If you are searching for a keyboard for your kid, the Casio SA-46 Musical Keyboard is an ideal decision. The keyboard accompanies 32 smaller than normal keys that are best for your kid as they fit in easily with their fingers. It accompanies an earphone yield and other extraordinary features that permit your youngster to rehearse in harmony. This builds the imagination, focus, and relational abilities of your little performer.

Main Features

  • Casio SA-46 is a mini keyboard made for kids.
  • It comes with 50 rhythms and 100 tones.
  • Color: green and black
  • The total number of keys: 32 mini keys.
  • It has an eight phone polyphony.
  • This keyboard has a song bank with ten in-built songs.
  • This keyboard comes with LCD acts as the best visual guide for choosing various music choices.
  • It has a three-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It has 5 Percussion Pads & Piano/Organ Button.

Casio Mini Keys Keyboard

This keyboard can be a perfect option for you as it develops and improves your keyboard playing technique. It incorporates 400 instrumental voices and 102 preset songs that allow you to learn how to play music from any kind. Moreover, it has a small and light-weight form which enables you to take it anywhere you go.

Main Features

  • It has a library consist of 102 preset songs and 400 instrumental voices so that you can play several musical styles.
  • This keyboard comes with an adapter.
  • It has 130 auto music styles that give real-time backing band tracks.
  • It helps you learn to play by using three modes: listening, timing, and waiting.

Casio CTK-2550

This Keyboard is another excellent keyboard choice for you that having 61 piano-style keys. It is excellent for learning purposes and you can learn at any time and any place with the guidance of the Gordana app. Casio CTK-2550 comes with a sustain pedal jack that gives the specific musical sound like that of a real keyboard. 

Other then this, you can generate musical sounds that will help you increase your overall performance. you can also connect it to your mobile or tablet to assure the ultimate learning experience.

Main Features

  • Casio CTK-2550 has 61 piano-style keys.
  • This keyboard comes with 50 built-in dance rhythms.
  • It comes with a 48 note polyphony.
  • It has 400 HQ Tones and 100 Rhythms with Auto-accompaniment.
  • Casio CTK-2550 has a three years manufacturer warranty.
  • For this keyboard AA batteries needed.
  • It comes with an LCD that supports you learn both music symbols and freehand positioning.
  • It also comes with app integration/dance music mode


We have given some of the best keyboard/piano lists above that completes our top 5 best keyboard piano in 2020. These lists of the pianos are based on best-selling, most attractive, and have the best sound quality digital piano’s in the world right now. We have also given the features of every piano so that it will help you in making a decision.

As always, we suggest you seek various options before you make a purchase. All of the pianos mentioned above are very good but different players have their different preferences. 

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