There are many websites, such as Facebook or other social sites that distract you when you are working and how to block a website on chrome desktop. Commonly, we can see that at the time when we are working in our home and office, some websites are inhibiting our productivity at work. The simple way to avoid such distractions is to block such websites from your desktop and mobile. If you want to block all those websites, that is affecting the productivity of your work. First of all, you need knowledge about how you can blog websites from your desktop and mobile phone. If you are also confused about how to block a website on chrome desktop and mobile, then you came to the right place. Here in this blog, we are going to give you the best ultimate guidance on it.

The Best Step-by-Step Guidance on How to Block a Website on Chrome Desktop-:

Most people seem confused when it comes to blocking a website from their desktop. Because they know nothing about how to block those websites, but they want to block such websites that are becoming a barrier in their working productivity. Here we are providing the best step-by-step ultimate guidance on how to block a website on chrome desktop-:

First of all search the “Block Site” chrome extension, then add it to the browser-:

If you want to block any website from your desktop, the first easiest way to block a website on chrome desktop is that you should visit google chrome and download a Block site(website blocker for chrome) browser extension. You can use one of the “block sites” available at the chrome web store.

You should have to search for the best Block site extension, or alternative tool that you trust and then Select the “ADD to chrome” option that comes in the top-right hand corner of the desktop screen.

Click to the “Add extension” that appears in the pop-up box-:

Now when you click the “Add to chrome” option, then the chrome takes a few seconds to process your instructions. Then you can see a new window that appears on the screen of your desktop, and the window summarizes the main features and terms of the extension. If you agree with the terms and conditions and features, then you should install the extension. For installing the extension, you have to click on the “Add extension,” which appears at the bottom side on the screen.

Check out for chrome extension’s icon at the right-hand corner of your screen-:

Now we can safely assume that your extension downloaded when you clicked at ” Add to the extension.” When the downloading of your extension is completed, you will see a new icon that appears on the top-right hand corner of your chrome browser( the icon is an orange shield containing a small circle and a diagonal line in the middle of the circle). After downloading your extension, always make sure that this icon appears or not at the top of your chrome, as this icon is confirmation of the installation of the extension.

Just visit the site that you want to block-:

Sometimes the main distraction that comes in working productivity is bad news from the field in which we have an interest. Let’s suppose you are a big fan of cricket, you are working on your desktop, and suddenly you see the news that your favorite team loses the world cup, then you suddenly feel stressed, and your mind distracted from the news. So to avoid such distraction here, it will be good if you block sport’s sites from your desktop. 

Now you just have to go to that sports website, then click the orange shield icon that you may see in the top right-hand side, on the desktop, and click to the “block this site” option. Now next time, whenever you try to open those sports sites, you won’t be able to reach that sports site successfully. Because you already successfully blocked that site on chrome desktop.

The Best Tips on How to Block a Website on Chrome Android (Mobile)-:

At present, with the advancement in technology. Today, every individual is doing everything on their mobile with the use of the internet. From the study of children to office work, all are available on the android mobile. At the same time, many mind-distracting websites are a barrier to working on mobile. So sometimes people are required to block such distracting websites from their mobile. Therefore here are the best tips or ultimate guidance on how to block a website on chrome android mobiles-:

First of all, download the “BlockSite” app from mobile’s play store-:

Commonly, every android device comes with the most important app that is called google play. This app is also known as the play store app. The play store is considered as a marketplace of mobile phones, as here you can easily download all types of free or paid applications for mobile. 

So, first of all, you have to open the play store in android mobile, then search for the “BlockSite” app in the play store. Within a few seconds, the google play will show you the result that you searched. Now you have to download this app on your android mobile phone.

Open the downloaded BlockSite app.-:

Once the downloading is completed on the mobile phone, you have to complete the process of installing it successfully on the mobile phone. Then you have to open the BlockSite app from the icon that appears on your mobile phone after downloading the app.

”Enable” the app in the app setting of mobile for allowing the app to block websites-:

When you open the BlockSite application on your android mobile, then you can see the option “go to the setting” appear on the screen of the mobile. If you click that option, then the app will directly take you to the phone’s app settings area. You have to enable the BlockSite app in the app settings to allow the app to control your browser and block the websites that you don’t want to see on mobile.

In the app settings, you have to find the BlockSite app in the app list first, then tap on the app. Here you can see the “Enable” option in the app, just click to enable the option and start using the application.

Click the  green”+” icon to block a website or application-:

Once you successfully enabled the app in the app settings of your mobile phone, then you have to return to the app.  Then click to the green “+” icon that you can see on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen of the mobile phone. Then within a second, the app opens a new page on the mobile screen. Here on this new page, you can search for an application or website by just entering the name of it one the search bar and block it immediately. After searching the application, you can easily block it here within a few seconds.

To confirm the site has been blocked, just click the checkmark on the top right-hand corner of screen-:

Now, if you want to check or confirm that the website that you already blocked by the “BlockSite” application in your mobile, is successfully blocked, or not? Then you just need to enter the full URL of that website that you blocked, and then if you will see a green checkmark on the very top right-hand side corner of the mobile screen available. You just tap the green checkmark, and you will have successfully blocked that particular website.

After then you can see a next page that may appear on the screen within a few seconds, in this page you are easily able to edit or remove any website and application from your blocked list of android mobile.

The Best Apps for Block a Website on Chrome iOS Devices (Mobile)-:

There are only a few online applications available on the mobile app store that are allowing you with the facilities to block a website on the iOS devices. Here we are providing you the two best options with similar functions-:

Zero Willpower-:

It is one of the best applications for one who wants to block a website from his/her iPhone. It is noteworthy here that this app is not free but for paid users only. The charges of this app are around  $1.99. With the use of this app, you are easily able to make a list of all the websites that you want to block from your iPhone mobile. One of the best features of this app is that it also provides you a timer facility. Therefore you can block any website by this application for a fixed time or limited time.

Site Blocker-:

It is another one of the popular sites that most people prefer for blocking the application from an iOS device. This site allows users to block all the unwanted and distracting websites from their all iOS devices easily. This app is similar to the ”Zero willpower” app, as it contains many features as the Zero willpower app.  One of the most common features is the timer facility for block a website on chrome desktop for a limited time.


We have mentioned all the detailed information about how to block a website on chrome desktop and mobile that you should know and We have mentioned the best step-by-step guidance on how you can easily block a website from chrome desktop and mobiles. We hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding how to block a website on chrome. Even we are sure that you can be easily able to block a website on chrome desktop and mobile after reading our blog.

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