If someone imagines wearing a bow tie, they are planning to go to events like a ball, a black-tie wedding function, or a gala. Nonetheless, for less glamorous events, bow ties have become far more popular. Some people have substituted their tie with the bow knot.  

Some gentlemen have probably wondered how to tie a bow tie. Also, think about how the bow knot of the equivalent may fit so perfectly to him – despite the style and the grip. Because the bow knot does not only fit the gentleman, it also requires the correct approach to tie the bow knot. With this guide, you will nevermore again have to think about whether the tie suits properly and, in any event, you will be the eye-catcher at the same period.

The History of a Bow Tie:

Recording back to the 17th century, the custom of wearing a knotted piece of cloth around a man’s neckline. One of the initial reports to wear the necktie was the Croatian soldiers of the thirty-year war (1618-1648), which they used to retain their shirt collars. After the war, French soldiers took home the look and had accepted the necktie as a fashion staple in the wardrobe of a man by the 1700s upper class.

In the 1920s and 30s, when actors such as Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich wore spotted wearing them, Bow ties crossed gender lines into women’s wear. It covered the way for ladies wearing masculine clothing such as button-down shirts, top hats, tailored suits, and the tie, of course.

The bow knot also utilized in various corporate functions. In 2013 Budweiser beer company launched a bow knot-shaped can as a tribute to its 1956 logo. William C. Durant, the co-founder of Chevrolet,launched the company’s bow knot logo; nevertheless, there are various conditions of its creation. Other major companies that include them in their logos are Pringles, Playboy Enterprises, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Different Types of Bow Tie:

Firstly, you should know about the bow knot types, if you want to know how to tie a bow tie. Bow ties arrive in a variation of styles and sizes, complementing different facial and outfit features. Commonly, people choose from five types:

Regular Butterfly Tie:

A typical butterfly bow knot, available in the men’s department of several clothing shops, highlights wings that range between 2.25 and 2.75 inches. For any facial structure, this classic tie works well and is the right choice for formal occasions, particularly in solid neutral shades such as black, white, blue, navy, or brown. It is also known as thistle tie.

Diamond Point Tie:

The diamond dot tie offers a distinctive asymmetrical look for formal events with trendy diamond points at the edges. This tie style arrives with wings varying in height.

Big Butterfly Tie:

The big butterfly tie highlights wings measuring 3 to 3.5 inches looks better on personalities with a broader neckline and facial structure. Because of its size, it should be wear for a formal event in solid colors. This tie provides a fun and playful look for more casual wear in bold prints and colors.

Rounded Club Tie:

Since the rounded club bow knot highlights distinctive rounded edges, it usually is chosen by gentlemen seeing to stand out in the group. This tie comes in various sizes, as well.

Batwing Tie:

The batwing bow knot highlights 1.5 to 2 “narrow wings. For formal events, some people prefer this thinner look, while others may believe that it gives an impression that is not formal fully. The style of batwing looks most suitable for people with the thin size of the neck and facial structure.

How to Tie a Bow Tie:

It’s simpler than you think to tie a bow knot! If you’re knotting for someone or on your own, trying out some super simple moves!

1. Ensure that the tie back is set according to the size of your neck.

Initially, you should know about your size of the neck.  

2. Wrap the tie around the neckline. One side must set lower than the other side (2-3 inches).

3. Cross both sides and tuck the longer end up and over to make a simplistic knot. For a proper fit, adjust the tie tightness.

4. Putting the longer end back over the shoulder, folding the shorter end at the broadest point, making it look like a bow and lying across the collar sideways.

5. Holding the bow shape with one hand, recovering the other end and with the other hand pulling it down through the center of the bow shape. The tie at this stage resembles a front-facing bow knot.

6. Bring the bow’s sides together with one hand in front; pinch them and pull. It forms a hole back the bow.

7. Utilize another hand to create another bow by doubling it the same as the first bow with the longer end of the tie.

8. Push this bow within the hole.

9. Pull on each bow’s folded ends to tighten the bow knot. For first, it does not look fantastic, but it will look amazing when you keep pulling and shaping the bow!

From the above steps, now you come to know how to tie a bow tie. So start practicing wearing it.

What is the Appropriate Time for Wearing a Bow Tie?

For black-tie and white-tie events, bow ties are suitable. Only black and white bow ties are ideal for certain very formal occasions, as the name suggests. Semiformal occasions provide a chance to further experiment with texture and color. However, as these things are still somewhat formal, people should be careful of too many colors and bold patterns (bright). Tweeds and Plaids make great choices for semiformal occasions.

Informal events encourage persons to wear everything from velvet and seersucker to polka dots and stripes, whatever design, color, and pattern they please.  

Tie a Bow Tie: The Alternate of it

It can be boring and frustrating to tie one bow knot, again and again, every morning. But there is one alternative, of course: the ready-to-go bow knot or tie. Just tie it around your neckline, close the fastener, alter the size and then finish the cast-on bow knot.

The Benefit:

The accessory still seems great through the spared band, even though you are in a hurry while putting your clothes on. If you desire to stand out from the group, then you should wear something special than that bow knot made of silk. What do you think of a high-quality wood bow knot, which is undoubtedly the eye-catcher on any occasion? Opposite to mass manufacturing, every bow knot is just as unique as you are, thanks to its design.

If you are still thinking of how to tie a bow tie, you can opt for the above alternative. It helps you to get the desired look you want to get.


Present the bow knot with the final finishing touches by tugging gently at the folded edges and arranging the flat edges to ensure evenness on both sides. When appropriate, adjust your collar and enjoy your accomplishment and the particular fashion a bow knot provides.

Bow ties make a distinctive and personal fashion statement, whether for an informal or ultra-formal occasion. Learning how to tie a bow tie for people who love wearing them is a process worth understanding. Follow the above steps and admire the bow knot look.

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