Madonna shared a video of the dubious Texas-based specialist Stella Immanuel and hailed her as a ‘legend’.

Popstar Madonna’s post on Instagram supporting a coronavirus fear inspired notion has been censored supposedly for sharing bogus data. She shared a video about the phoney remedy for Covid-19 that had recently been upheld by US President Donald Trump.

In the post, Macontroversial Texas-based specialist Stella Immanuel her “legend”, as indicated by the Independent. Immanuel has known to have made a variety of unusual cases, including the one that says that ‘sex devils’ motivation endometriosis. She has additionally as often as possible made homophobic and against transsexual proclamations, fought the authorization of gay marriage and fetus removal on her YouTube page.

“This lady is my saint. Much obliged to you, Stella Immanuel,” Madonna wrote in the Instagram post. Madonna’s post seemed obscured with a notice “Bogus Information.” “Evaluated by autonomous truth checkers.” the message from Instagram proceeded. At the point when clients click the catch “See Why,” they were indicated a rundown of misrepresentations in Madonna’s post.

The reality checkers said there is no remedy for Covid-19 yet, in opposition to Madonna’s post and that the medication hydroxychloroquine isn’t a fix.

Prior, Madonna had made a dubious case that the coronavirus disease was an ‘incredible equalizer’.

Stella Immnauel’s case likewise prompted President Trump’s Twitter handle being suspended a week ago over ‘deluding data’ after he shared her video and considered it an ‘absolute necessity watch’.

news source: news18

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