The supernatural occurrence lady additionally holds a Guinness Book World Record for accurately increasing two haphazardly chose 13-digit numbers inside 28 seconds.

Vidya Balan won applause for her depiction of internationally famous scientific, intellectual Shakuntala Devi in the as of late discharged trailer of the upcoming film Shakuntala Devi. In the small clasp, Devi appears as a miracle lady who answers complex scientific issues in no time. In any case, who was this virtuoso, and how could she accomplish such worldwide praise?

Shakuntala Devi was conceived in 1929 to Kannadiga guardians. Her capacity to take care of complex numerical issues surprised her family and family members since the beginning. This was all the more astonishing as she had not gotten any conventional tutoring. She exhibited her exceptional cerebrum aptitudes at open shows with the assistance and consolation of her dad, who was a bazaar entertainer.

Before long, her shows got furore as individuals couldn’t trust her massive grasp on the immense numbers. This earned her enough cash to help add to the family. Devi was well known enough in the next years to set out for a Europe visit in 1950.

Twenty-seven years after the fact, the wonder rivalled a UNIVAC PC to locate the 23rd foundation of a 201-digit number. She finished her estimation in 50 seconds which was 12 seconds quicker than the PC.

The supernatural occurrence lady likewise holds a Guinness Book World Record for effectively increasing two haphazardly chose 13-digit numbers inside 28 seconds.

Be that as it may, she didn’t stay constrained to the universe of arithmetic. She wandered into Hindu crystal gazing and composed riddle books. One of her most momentous accomplishments is writing ‘The World of Homosexuality’ which was the first investigation on homosexuality in Quite a while, distributed in the year 1977.

Shakuntala Devi is featuring Vidya Balan premiers on Amazon Prime Video on July 31. The true to life movie has been composed and coordinated by Anu Menon.

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