Two FIRs documented have been under areas 323 (Punishment for deliberately causing hurt) and 452 (House-trespass) of the IPC and Sections 323, 452, 509 (offending the humility of a lady) and 510 (Misconduct openly by an intoxicated individual) of the IPC, separately.

Investigator General of Haryana Hemant Kalson was captured by the Panchkula police on Saturday and was sent for legal authority after two FIRs were documented against him for purportedly ambushing and maltreating two ladies as he intruded into their home. A video of the occurrence has additionally turned into a web sensation where the IGP in an intoxicated state can be seen slapping and ambushing a lady.

Two FIRs have been documented under areas 323 (Punishment for intentionally causing hurt) and 452 (House-trespass) of the IPC and Sections 323, 452, 509 (offending the humility of a lady) and 510 (Misconduct in broad daylight by a smashed individual) of the IPC, separately. While the IG has been sent on a legal guardianship in the first FIR, he was given bail in the subsequent one.

The episodes have happened at Rattpur province of Pinjore, where the IG himself lives.

In the first FIR, the casualty lady has claimed that Kalson contacted her home in his vehicle with a lady and coercively went into the house late night. “He began beating my girl as I was cleaning up. It was the point at which I heard commotions originating from outside I raced to spare my little girl,” peruses the FIR. It further expresses that the lady had figured out how to film the episode on her telephone.

According to the FIR, the casualty lady has additionally affirmed that Kalson gloated about having associations with the Haryana CM, and IAS Rajesh Khullar, purportedly undermining the lady “to do anything.”

In the subsequent FIR, the male complainant had claimed that it was around 9.30 pm when Kalson arrived at their home. After his better half addressed the entryway, the IG purportedly pushed his way in and began mishandling her. “Hearing this, I hurried to the entryway when he began beating me. He revealed to me that he is the IG of police and took steps to get me shot. He was smashed, and I could detect the liquor on him,” peruses the FIR. Purportedly when a neighbour attempted to intercede, the denounced IG maltreated them also.

Another such FIR enrolled a long time back.

Another such FIR against Kalson was recorded by the Pinjore police headquarters of Panchkula just weeks back on August 2 when under area 509 (Word, motion or act planned to affront the unobtrusiveness of a lady) of the IPC for supposedly mishandling and pestering his neighbour.

The FIR enrolled by the 40-year-old casualty had expressed that on 27 Kalson had contacted her home in an intoxicated condition without her better half and had begun maltreating her.

She had additionally claimed that such episodes had stayed a typical event; however, the family had stayed very to secure their notoriety.

The episode on July 27 had supposedly occurred within sight of at any rate 14 observers and a police official also. A PCR also had arrived at the state where the two dwell.

An ACP-level request had been started by the Panchkula police division in the issue, yet no captures were made.

Hemant Kalson’s disputable past

The denounced IPS official Hemant Kalson, at present posted as IG Home Guards in Panchkula, has had a questionable past and was additionally suspended in April 2019.

He was suspended by the Haryana government last year after he had terminated rounds into the air in an intoxicated condition while on a political decision obligation in Tamil Nadu.

In a street rage episode which occurred in 2018, Kalson was driving with a companion from Pinjore to Panchkula when an SUV had crossed his vehicle in a rapid. He purportedly had then pursued the car and constrained the driver to stop the vehicle, to land blows at him. He was then gotten and beaten by bystanders after which he had apologized.

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