India Today Editor-in-Chief discussions about the exciting bends in the road in the electrifying passing of Sushant Singh Rajput and the numerous inquiries it has raised, in the August 31, 2020 release of the India Today Magazine.

At the point when the producers of a biopic on Indian cricket commander Mahendra Singh Dhoni needed a Bollywood star to assume the simple job, they didn’t need to look past Sushant Singh Rajput. Not exclusively were the entertainer and the cricketer brought up in a similar state. However, their professions were additionally perfect representations of one another. Both were rank untouchables who had broken into their savagely dangerous callings by dint of sheer ability. Persuasive accounts of independent stars are the stuff of artistic dreams. However, not even the best scriptwriter could have envisioned the dramatization around Sushant Singh Rajput’s shocking passing on June 14. The entertainer’s destruction, given his age, achievement and potential, has evoked aggregate stun the country over. The wonder and interest have been on an extraordinary level. That it occurred amid a pandemic and the lockdown implied that his fans held a vigil for him via web-based networking media through hashtags, shared theoretical analytical and scientific hypotheses on WhatsApp and YouTube. Sadly, the entire examination is by all accounts driven by news channels and internet-based life as opposed to the police.

Sushant’s self-destruction has entered the pantheon of incredibly less than ideal big-name passings, for example, those of Divya Bharti and Sridevi. Feelings override realities or the deficiency in that department, and elective speculations flourish. Sushant’s passing by self-destruction, as dictated by his posthumous and viscera reports, has become a tempting film with numerous exciting bends in the road and characters of different sorts appearing suddenly of his life. A misfortune quickly slid into a misrepresented dramatization about a shut hover of intrigue bunches inside the business. Marked the ‘film mafia’, they were blamed for denying skilled pariahs their due. This account happened for 40 days, during which time the Mumbai police brought big-name Bollywood chiefs and other entertainment world fat cats for addressing. Any individual who had a complaint about how Bollywood functions bounced into the conflict. On news channels or to anyone who minded to tune in, they spilt out their anxiety, asserting it was a fixed framework that drove Sushant to self-destruction.

In any case, this was overlooked when right around a month and a half after his passing, Sushant’s family charged his sweetheart Rhea Chakraborty, her family and two others of abetting his self-destruction. The Mumbai police, celebrated for their sleuthing aptitudes, appear to have been amazingly careless in their examination of the star’s demise. They neglected to clarify a few affirmed irregularities or even to document an FIR for the situation. A considerable lot of the paranoid ideas could have been suppressed at first had the police been more determined. The entertainer’s family documented an objection in Patna because they had no confidence in the Mumbai police’s examination. The Bihar police took cognizance of the protest, recorded an FIR and lined it up with an investigation. As a significant aspect of the procedure, they turned up in Mumbai, setting off the political fight between the two states and their police apparatus. The Enforcement Directorate has likewise joined the examinations because of the allegations of illegal tax avoidance.

In India, if there is any debate worth exploiting, governmental issues can never be a long ways behind. The Bihar races are scarcely two months away, and Sushant’s passing has become cause celebre for lawmakers to abuse for the sake of looking for equity for him. The government officials of Bihar are unfathomably expected in offering expressions about the case however keep up a contemplated quietness with regards to the floods or the pandemic in their state. The Maharashtra government is a non-NDA one, and the Supreme Court’s ongoing choice to maintain the exchange of the case to the CBI has left it humiliated. This is presently a Supreme Court-observed CBI examination has moved Sushant’s self-destruction into the association of other exciting cases — the 1999 shooting of model Jessica Lall and the 2008 homicide of Aarushi Talwar, one comprehended, the other unsolved. In the two cases, an aggregate across the nation want for equity was the repeating theme. However, what clarifies the hold of the Sushant self-destruction adventure on our national cognizance amid a furious Covid-19 pandemic, a terrible financial downturn and a forceful troop preparation by the Chinese on our northern fringes? Subconsciously, the story is maybe an impression of our fixation on entertainers and their big-name ways of life. It is as much about the acknowledgement that big names can now and again be as delicate and defenceless as any of us.

Our main story, ‘Self-destruction or Murder?’, composed by Senior Associate Editors Suhani Singh, Kiran D. Tare and Amitabh Srivastava, analyzes the exciting bends in the road in this hair-raising demise of a star and the numerous inquiries it has raised. Claims and counterclaims, realities and fantasies, subplots and fear inspired notions to multiply. We attempt to free this mist from disarray as much as possible.

In the interim, we trust that the CBI will discover reality as and when they do. Ideally, it will be soon so that the hypothesis can stop.

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