In the current week’s Fashion Friday, we return to the tune Tumhi Dekho Naa from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Rani Mukerji’s chiffon shine sarees.

In films, the design is among the most significant narrating devices. It characterizes a character and separates them from others. How individual spruce up uncovers a great deal about the character. In any case, style in films, now and again, is more than that. It likewise adds to the feel and establishes the visual pace of the film.

For example, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. To be more exact, the melody Tumhi Dekho Naa. Presently Friday, we talk about how Rani Mukerji’s sheer sarees raised the feel of the video. In any case, before that, a touch of something about the film.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, coordinated by Karan Johar, was delivered in 2006 and investigated the subject of unfaithfulness. It was a multi-starrer with Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta and, obviously, Rani Mukerji. The film, regularly called ‘comparatively radical’, is as yet loved for its style remainder.

The whole star cast wore uber-trendy outfits all through the film which was set in New York. Every one of the lead characters had a particular talent with style and a remarkable dress sense. Furthermore, must we include, KANK stays to be Rani’s most polished film up until this point. Her closet bragged creamy sweaters worn over contemporary coats, bohemian skirts, a massive assortment of stoles and exotic sarees. She ate everything with the most extreme effortlessness. In any case, the design feature of the film remains the tune Tumhi Dekho Naa.

The tune shows Maya and Dev (Rani and SRK) becoming hopelessly enamoured with one another and misdirecting their particular mates. In a meeting, Karan Johar said that he needed to make an overwhelming affection melody and thought of having an eruption of hues. The song had six shading subjects, and Rani supplemented each topic with a coordinating saree.

It starts with blue, proceeds onward to red and afterwards to pre-winter orange followed by splendid pink, dark lastly, green.

While the whole tune is a visual treat, it was Rani’s chiffon sarees and smaller than normal cholis, planned by Manish Malhotra, that satisfied our style hungry eyes. Here is a more critical glance at every one of her looks in the tune Tumhi Dekho Naa:


The melody starts with Rani and SRK embracing in an open spot. Rani is wearing a white jacket, and everything in its environmental factors is blue. The garments of individuals strolling around, the inflatables in their grasp, the shade of their gloves – everything is blue. Few moments into the melody, Rani seems glancing shocking in a blue saree. Be that as it may, it is a creamer saree in blue and dark hues.

The chiffon double tone saree with a fragile gleam fringe is matched with a transparent dark smaller than a usual pullover. The shirt, as well, has the accents of blue as blue stones coating the neck area of the pullover. Kohl-rimmed eyes, blue eye shadow, bare lips and blow-dried loose hair finished her look.


The melody at that point moves to the dark shading. Both Rani and Shah Rukh arrange in dark outfits. To add to the complexity in the casing, there are yellow cabs and blossoms. The dark chiffon saree that Rani wears is additionally bound with inconspicuous sparkle subtleties. The bare-backed sheer pullover once more ends up being an unmissable perspective. Concerning the extras, there is only a hand armband.


Fall orange is the following shading. Shot amid a typical scene, some portion of the melody is an attractive feature of the pre-winter season. With orange leaves in the background, Rani shocks in an orange and dark saree with a bridle neck shirt. This six-yard-of-wrap accompanied not negligible sequin work. It included a detailed outskirt, the bridle lash of the pullover also was bejewelled with sequins – making it a take commendable number.

Rani and Shah Rukh likewise have their Kabhi Kabhie second with as they sit on the ground with a blaze as an afterthought.


The tune is then sprinkled in tints of pink. Rani, wearing a steamy pink chiffon saree, visits church with SRK. This time, it is her provocative bare-backed choli that made us stop, gaze and slobber.


The melody at that point gets soaked in the shade of adoration, red. Shot in an open spot, with everybody wearing red outfits and conveying red umbrellas, the melody shows Rani romancing Shah Rukh in a red and dark saree. Once more, the saree is enhanced with gleam work and is cooperated with a coordinating pullover. In any case, the shading blend worked like enchantment and added to the sentiment factor.


The tune closes with a green subject. The environmental factors brag of a Christmas-y vibe, and Rani spins around in one more shade of the chiffon shine saree with a voguish pullover. Blow-dried braids, light smokey-eyes, naked lips and zero embellishments adjusted her look.

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