Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko takes his 16-year-old son Nikolai to dissent as individuals keep on requesting his defeat over a supposed fixed political race.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko takes his 16-year-old child Nikolai to dissent as individuals keep on requesting his ruin over a supposed fixed political race.

As indicated by The Telegraph, the dad child team showed up in military outfits conveying, what had all the earmarks of being AK-47s and modelled for cameras as dissenters exhibited close by. Lukashenko and his child Nikolai, who is ventured to succeed his dad as President of Belarus, apparently arrived in Minsk from a helicopter close to their home and presented with the ambush rifles for a photograph operation.

As per reports, Lukashenko after the demonstration of solidarity told the press, “They (more than 1,00,000 dissenters) have fled like rodents.” Lukashenko’s contrivance was to show that he won’t go down without a battle, proposed reports.

Protestors are requesting Lukashenko’s without abdication and reasonable political race, and a finish of state-supported savagery. Individuals in enormous numbers have taken to avenues to challenge the result of the as of late closed political decision, following which Lukashenko requested a crackdown on demonstrators. One protestor purportedly passed on in the conflicts among police and the nonconformists. At the same time, more than 7,000 have been captured up until this point.

Lukashenko on August 10 made sure about a record 6th term as the nation’s leader after the specialists declared the primer outcomes wherein the 65-year-old last Soviet Army part supposedly made sure about more than 80 per cent of the all-out voters surveyed. Restriction pioneers, including the primary challenger Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, reviled the outcome, considering it a fixed political race.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya fled the nation for Lithuania on August 11, expecting that she or her family could be hurt. The 37-year-old pioneer has been giving video proclamations from Lithuania, requesting Belarusian specialists to acknowledge their destructive behaviours and to hold hands with the resistance to avoid discipline later on.

Global judgment

The European Union and the US have likewise communicated worries over the ongoing advancements in Belarus. They have approached Lukashenko to regard the privileges of the Belarusian public.

Unfamiliar priests of the European Union additionally held a gathering concerning this issue and talked about potential approvals against Lukashenko. In the interim, the last tyrant of Europe has likewise figured out how to earn some global help as Russian President Vladimir Putin has supposedly stretched out support to the dictator chief.

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