Recognizing a tigress following 17 years is glad news for timberland authorities who work thoroughly towards keeping up the number of inhabitants in untamed life in the woodland and nature saves. On Saturday, August 29, the woodland authorities initially detected the pugmarks of a tigress in the Bhupalpally Mandal zone in Telangana. It ran an influx of satisfaction as the episode happened in the locale without precedent for a long time.

Only two days after the episode, the authorities announced new pugmarks of the tigress on Monday, August 31. As the occurrence has happened twice inside a range of two days, the rules have quickened the hunt to locate the enormous feline at this point. While the pictures of the tigress have not been caught at this point, authorities have introduced the cameras all around the region to get a brief look at the wild creature.

On Monday, the hints of the wild feline were found in a territory found 30 km from the Azamnagar town, as uncovered in a report in the Times of India. Woods authorities are persuaded that the tigress is as of now progressing. She may either be searching for meat or another domain.

“The tiger is ceaselessly progressing either looking for food or the domain. We have introduced a couple of camera traps in key zones along its way and have likewise required a wild creature following group to screen its development with the assistance of its pug stamps, scat and tree markings,” cited K Purushotham, region backwoods official, as saying.

They additionally accept that the many felines went to the region several months prior. She either moved from Indravati Tiger Reserve in Chhattisgarh or the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.

Another wild feline was last seen in the Mahadevpur woods region in 2003.

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