Vishwakarma is viewed as the God of ‘creation’ in Hindu folklore. It is accepted that he is a definitive designer, the celestial modeller of the universe, and has made numerous royal residences for Gods in each of the four yugas.

Vishwakarma Puja is praised in the love of Lord Vishwakarma, who is otherwise called the God of Architecture. This year, Vishwakarma Puja is being seen on September 16. The celebration is predominantly celebrated in production lines and modern zones. They love their devices and machines. There are numerous legends connected with this celebration.

Fantasies related to Vishwakarma Puja

As per a legend, Lord Vishwakarma was the planner behind Ravana’s Lanka. Ravana, who was a passionate enthusiast of Lord Shiva, once went to play out the housewarming of Shiva and Parvati’s residence. The castle was made of gold, and Lord Vishwakarma planned it. The excellence of Shiva’s dwelling place left Ravana awestruck. At the point when Lord Shiva approached him for his desire as Dakshina (the cash for performing puja), Ravana requested the brilliant castle. Ruler Shiva obliged and allowed Ravana his passion.

Ruler Vishwakarma is known to have planned Kubera’s city of Alakpuri on Mount Mandara. He additionally made Chaitararatha, lovely gardens in the mountain city.

He is attributed with creating the castle of the lord of divine beings, Indra. Plus, according to legendary stories, he made the consecrated weapon of Indra utilizing the bones of sage Dadhichi and the Agnayestra.

Ruler Vishwakarma made Lord Krishna’s city of Dwarka and earned his Sudarshan Chakra. This, however, he likewise planned Pandavas’ Palace of Illusions in Indraprastha.

On Lord Brahma’s demand, he constructed the Pushpaka Vimana for Kubera. He is credited with planning all the flying chariots of the divine beings and every one of their weapons.

How Vishwakarma Puja is commended

Craftsmans, specialists, mechanics, smiths, welders, modern labourers, and assembly line labourers honour Vishwakarma Puja with enthusiasm. They sort out Bhandara, appropriate food to the penniless, and love their apparatuses.

In contrast to consistently, festivities this time are quelled considering the COVID pandemic. Aside from this, the epidemic has hit manufacturing plants hard, and numerous labourers have lost positions.

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