The warriors, hailing from the whole way across Ladakh, made a vow as one to serve the country.

Amid extended India-China deadlock in eastern Ladakh, 131 youthful warriors joined the esteemed Ladakh Scouts regiment in Leh on Saturday.

“Verification Parade was hung on Saturday at the Ladakh Scouts Regimental Center, Leh to stamp the section of 131 very much prepared enlisted people into the Ladakh Scouts Regiment as youthful officers. Because of the continuous Covid-19 pandemic, the significant function was led without the guardians of the enlisted people following all the standards and warnings. The confirmation march was led in the most noteworthy conventions of the Indian Army and assessed by Brigadier Arun CG, appointee general official ordering, Leh Sub Area,” said a protection representative.

The fighters, hailing from all over Ladakh, made a vow as one to serve the country.

Arun CG complimented them and encouraged them to dedicate their lives in support of the country as glad troopers of the Indian Army.

“He urged the youthful fighters to keep on endeavoring hard in quest for greatness in all circles of the calling and take a grave pledge to maintain the power of the country despite seemingly insurmountable opposition in the genuine soul implied by the ethos of the Indian Army,” said the representative.

The youthful sharpshooters were granted decorations for their exceptional exhibition during the preparation.

It was without a doubt a good second for the enlisted people who hail from distant of Ladakh to join the Ladakh Scouts Regiment as fighters.

On June 15 in any event, 20 Indian officers set out their lives in the line of obligation while battling Chinese soldiers at the Galwan valley.

The week after the scene, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Leh to audit the continuous fringe struggle.

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