Protection and presentation of lotion boxes must be the top priority for the companies to get customers attention. Functionality and durability cannot be compromised seeing the delicacy of the product. 

Lotion boxes are made up of paperboard, cardboard or kraft paper mostly because of the excellent quality, attractive designs, customization, and eco-friendly nature. Priority for the cosmetic and skincare industry must be protection that keeps the product safe yet stylish and trendy. Custom lotion boxes are the most cost-effective packaging solution that gives the best quality.

Who Does Not Like A Baby Soft Moisturized Skin?

The skincare industry is an ever-changing, and the most challenging industry in the market that needs proper packaging strategy to gain and keep the potential customers. Cosmetics, is a product line that has the greatest possibilities to go creative and beyond the typical standards of packaging. Everything is right, when it comes to cosmetic packaging. 

Basic packaging needs are the same but we are talking about how to choose the best custom boxes for your lotions that can take your business to the top. 

To stand out in the market and create a need for your product in the lives of customers it is important to have attractive packaging. It is to be noticed that attractive packaging is not an effective one. To gain customers satisfaction it is important to have an effective packaging that requires custom boxes to be;

  • High in quality as lotion boxes define the quality of the product.
  • Appealing and compelling layouts.
  • Unique shapes that spark a feeling of excitement in the customers. 
  • Type of material 
  • Sustainable custom lotion boxes.
  • Functionality
  • Durable 
  • Cost-effective 

These factors play an important role in designing competitive packaging and this is how you can choose the best custom lotion boxes.

Protective Packaging

No one wants to get their money spent on an expensive lotion that leaks away in the purse or during travelling in makeup bags or suitcase, ruining all the other stuff. It is a nightmare to clean stuff lathered in lotion, except your skin. The material and the boxes for lotions must be strong and sturdy enough that can keep the tube or bottle of lotion safe and undamaged during shipping or in handling at the retailer until it reaches in hands of the customers. Lotion Boxes in wholesale have a wide range of material that is promising like paperboard, cardboard, and kraft paper. These boxes can be made in different thicknesses according to the product in any size that perfectly fits the product. 

Excellent Quality

Quality of custom lotion boxes matters as much as the product itself. No matter how old the saying, do not judge a book by its cover is, it always is judged by the cover, especially when it comes to buying a product and spending money. It is also because the packaging is the first and the only thing customers interact with, before making a purchase. Custom lotion boxes allow you to choose the quality of the material by using customization. Always choose the material that is highly graphics friendly which allows you to get any type of color and print on lotion boxes as wholesale dealers provide all the variations. 


Weight of lotion boxes matters a lot, a lot more than you had expected. It is a world of compact, easy to handle, use and travel-friendly packaging. Nobody wants to carry an extra weight everywhere they go and lotion is a type of product that is always in use. For the companies, lightweight lotion boxes in wholesale are fortune savers, let’s see how?

The bigger picture is that the courier companies charge according to the weight of the package and shipping these boxes in bulk saves a lot of money.


Not only shipping, but these lotion boxes are also shipped flat thus saves a lot of space in storage. 

All-rounder, right!


If you want to attract loyal customers and increase your sales like crazy, it is important to choose responsible packaging. Lotion boxes in wholesale are available in all types and qualities of sustainable packaging. Non-ecofriendly packaging has caused a lot of irreversible damage to the environment we live in and the blame comes on every person who manufactures, promotes, and the consumers who buy such packaging. People are now more conscious about making purchase decisions based on the sustainability of the packaging because of which companies have taken it in their hands to contribute positively to the betterment of the environmental state of the Earth. Paperboard is made up of recycled cardboard and paper. It is biodegradable and takes the minimum time to naturally decompose itself by bacterial activity. 

While choosing lotion boxes keep in mind that they are representative of your company and will leave an everlasting effect on the customers. Be sure of considering all the factors that affect the creation of impressive and expressive packaging yet are cost-effective. Lotion boxes in wholesale offer the best rates providing the best quality.

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