Social media aggregator tools are the topmost marketing strategy most of the brands are using to establish their strong presence in the market. Whether it is the events, public gatherings, or any conference, representatives use social media aggregation to increase audience engagement and make the event more effective. 

One of the major social media platforms that provide high quality user generated content is Twitter. Due to such unique and effective content availability on twitter, twitter aggregation has become the priority of the marketers to create live walls during the events. 

There are 130 million active users on twitter which are after chopping up the fake accounts. On twitter millions of users tweet each day which makes it a great opportunity for marketers to use twitter for marketing purposes and increasing user engagement. 

For digital marketing purposes, live social walls is the prominent strategy nowadays. Marketers use live social walls as the major part of their event live marketing that also shows how users are engaging with the event. 

But how do you create these live twitter walls? Is there any twitter aggregation tool? Answer is yes, there are twitter aggregators that provide you all the twitter feeds relevant to your query. 

These twitter aggregators collect, curate, and display the twitter feeds that you can use to display on digital screens and even during the live events. 

Twitter is the best platform for live social walls during events because the age demographics of the users is 35 to 65 years, which derive intellectual content. This makes it perfect for events where an eminent audience is the part of the event. 

So what are the best twitter aggregator tools that you can use where you get all solutions to collect, curate, and display the twitter feeds. 

5 Best Twitter Aggregator Tools In The Market

Here below are topmost twitter aggregator tools available in the market that you can use to create the effective twitter walls during any event. Make your event more engaging as well as beautiful using these twitter aggregator tools. 


Taggbox is the best social media aggregator tool that provides you all the solutions regarding user-generated content. Not only it helps in creating the live twitter walls but you can also use it to get the relevant UGC and embed them into the website. 

Taggbox also aggregates tools the social media content from the different platforms only with the first attempt. It provides a simple and easy to use interface where you can easily moderate the social media feeds according to your preference. It is a well managed tool that can be used to generate best quality content social walls and feeds on your website. 

You can aggregator tools the twitter feeds by typing relevant hashtags, mentions, keywords, location, or twitter handles. 

As you put the relevant search query in taggbox, you will get all the twitter feeds associated with the search term. With taggbox you can customize the feeds with dynamic editing options like layout, themes, and moderate feeds. When you get the desired twitter feeds you can generate the pasteable embedded code. 

The Moderation panel of Taggbox helps you to collect and curate the live twitter feeds in order to ensure that you receive the appropriate content. It filters the content effective so that you present the quality content on live social walls. 

It also contains profanity filters, hashtag highlighters, and many other types of options that help in making your twitter live feeds effective and interactive. The real time functionality of the Taggbox ensures you get all the latest feeds and do not miss a single one. 

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget is the twitter feeds aggregator that provides you embedding code to place in your website. 

It provides you four options – users favorites, searches, timeline, and lists. You can use these Twitter Widget options and create the strong twitter feeds. 

With Timeline widget you get the feeds direct from the public profiles, Favorite widget aggregator tools the feeds from the specific users, and List widget collects feeds from the account owned or subscribed twitter handles.  


It is a tool that allows you to customize the twitter stories and embed the image to the website. You can use it to customize the twitter searches and represent the twitter feeds on the digital screen like a projector or any other big screen. 

It is also a real-time twitter feed aggregator tools that updates feeds from time to time. You can create the storyline by putting the hashtags, usernames, or other keywords and edit them in the best layout you desire. 


You can aggregate the user-generated content with this tool and display it on your website or live social walls. 

You can generate the twitter feeds using hashtags, mentions, searches, and keywords. You can get the embed code for the website or can directly display the twitter feeds for live social walls. 

Everwall also provides moderation that you can use to edit the feeds according to your needs. With the Everwall moderation features you can create the feeds as per your requirement and get the live content for your marketing purposes. 


It is the tool that is especially designed for the Twitter aggregation. You can create live twitter social walls with these tools for any event. 

Hootfeed offers dynamic designs and customizable designs and themes with layout attributes like font style, size, and color. 

It also has analytics that help you in measuring the performance of your twitter feeds. 

Final Words

Twitter has now become one of the top priority of the markers for creating engaging and creative content. 

If you are an event organizer and want to make your event effective then twitter walls must include in your event. Your event not only looks great but also offers the best engaging experience to your audience.

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