What does it mean by having a productive life? Does it revolve entirely around your work? Or does it mean that every aspect of your life needs to be productive? In my dictionary, it is the latter. Having a productive life means meeting your deadlines and working on enhancing your career. But it also means living the best productive life. So, when you are not working, and you still accomplish a lot of things like decorating your room or any other thing that needs your attention, you are leading a productive life.

But how to be better at this? That is the question. Isn’t it? A lot of time we waste the entire day doing nothing, which is okay if it happens once a week. But if you are doing this every day, then you are wasting your life. Instead, do things that make you feel alive and make your life adventurous every day.

Here are a few ways you can do this.

1. Make a to-do List To Make Productive Life

Use the Canva planner to plan your day. When you have a list of all the things- work-wise or personal life, it makes it easier to be productive life without feeling overwhelmed. Every night before sleeping or the first thing in the morning, you should make a list of tasks according to their priority that you need to undertake in a day. When you are feeling anxious about something, this tip works well.

2. Never Check Emails First Thing in the Morning

When you start checking your emails with one eye open, what good does that do you? Nothing, right! Also, in the morning, you have immense energy (well, after we drink our coffee). Use that energy to do some of your best work- like working out, eating a healthy breakfast, finishing a project that requires attention, and more. Checking and replying to emails can wait till it is afternoon. When you are settled a bit in with your work, check the mails and reply to them. (Unless, your team or superior needs you to check, and respond to a mail first thing in the morning).

3. Take Breaks to Break up Your Work-Days

We all are different when it comes to our attention span. But none of us can work for hours productively without taking a break. So, if you have a work commitment like editing a video or doing tons of laundry, the only way you will be productive is to break it into intervals. Maybe you can start by working continuously for 2-3 hours and then take a minor break to drink coffee while watching something on your phone or your lunch break. It freshens up your mind and encourages you to complete the work in time.

4. Stop Waiting For The Right Moment

A lot of us procrastinate about starting a project. It only leads to delay, and sometimes the work loses its value. Thus, it is best to stop waiting for the right time to come and start working on a project or task that you intended. When you take immediate action towards an idea, you get better and positive results.

5. Let the Negative Souls Go

Negative people, situations, and environments can suck the light and positivity out of your life. It sows seeds of self-doubt. Therefore, it is best to let go of people who keep you from reaching your potential or keep demotivating you. Similarly, if a book or series, or movie pushes you into self-pity or harm, never see it again. Also, work towards making your environment inspiring and motivating, like making an inspirational poster using Canva and hanging it.

6. Avoid Activities That are Addictive

Social media and games like candy crush or pokemon go are not something that you should indulge in when you are working. Whether you are working on a big project or a smaller task, never let your focus divert by playing games or scrolling through your social media feeds. You can do all these things when you take your break, not while working.

7. Saying Yes to Everything Never Works

Learn to say no. You don’t have to please everyone, especially by putting yourself at risk.

8. Work on Your Body

Being fit makes you more energetic and confident about yourself. When you have a healthy body and mind, it makes being productive life easier.

9. Use Your Commute Time

When you commute to and from work or to a social gathering, don’t let that 30 minutes or more go to waste. Use it to listen to music or a podcast or even an audiobook.

Concluding this blog with a quote from Steve Jobs, ‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Start making your own.

It is time to take control of your life and have a productive life day every single minute of the day. Even when you are relaxing, make it productive life by resting well and not worrying about other things as rest is imperative for good health.

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