West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had declared that the festival of Durga Puja would be held, however with a ton of limitations. She upheld the requirement for raising open marquees (pandals) to contain the spread of infection.

Durga Puja festivities in Kolkata’s customary distinguished families has been a significant fascination throughout the years for a great many pandal-containers. The showy presentation of riches in those manors may have darkened with the progression of time. However, the palatial structures recover an old-world appeal during this season as a large group of ceremonies draw in individuals both from home and abroad.

In any case, things have changed radically amid the Covid-19 pandemic. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had declared that the festival would be held, however with many limitations. She pushed the requirement for raising open marquees (pandals) to contain the spread of infection.

Following up on express government’s directions, many ‘Durga Puja’ coordinators have just begun arrangements to guarantee revellers can get a brief look at the symbols of goddess Durga from the right way.

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the festivals in Kolkata’s old blue-blooded family units which have been sorting out the celebration throughout the long term, particularly in the new-typical situation? Like every single other thing, the progressing pandemic is set to affect family ‘puja’ festivities as well as majorly.

With ‘Durga Puja’ round the corner, these conventional groups of Kolkata have additionally introduced certain progressions to hold the vintage kind of their customs. Thus, for them, it is just going to be a family undertaking this year.

“We have not settled on the conventional customs of our family ‘puja’. All the determinations will be kept up, similar to consistently. However, we will have limitations for the quantity of heads who will be available in the ‘Thakur Dalan’ (focal yard) where the ‘puja’ will be held. We will just permit in 100 individuals, including the cleric, during the ‘puja’,” said Pradip Law of Kolkata’s acclaimed Law family.

He said that there would be just a solitary section point, and each guest cleaned previously and at precisely that point permitted to enter the ‘puja’ premises. Wearing a veil is additionally compulsory for each relative.

“This year, we have won’t permit any untouchables at our family ‘puja’. We will give day by day passes to our relatives even to approach the family eating zone for ‘Bhog’. The focal yard, where the ‘puja’ is held, will be cleaned at customary stretches each day during the five-day celebrations,” said Law, calling attention to that this year they have no different alternatives except for to force limitations for the security of all relatives.

‘Durga Puja’ of Kolkata’s Law family close to Thanthania is more than 200 years of age.

Additionally, the popular Daw group of Kolkata’s Jorasanko region has likewise rolled out a few improvements in their ‘puja’ festivity. As indicated by family sources, no pariah will be permitted inside their genealogical home following Covid-19 security rules.

“This year the ‘dhakis’ (drummers) will be brought from their towns fourteen days before the ‘puja’ begins. They will be kept in disengagement. No untouchable or even far off relatives and companions will be engaged for the current year,” said Sanchari Sur Daw.

She said that the stature and weight of the goddess symbol and its general structure were chosen so that it was simple for the family’s male individuals to convey the goddess on their shoulders during submersion, without the need to enlist security guards.

She said that sanitisation drive and veils are additionally an unquestionable requirement for everybody in the family in the current year’s ‘puja’.

Situated close to the Vivekananda Road flyover in Jorasanko in north Kolkata, the family ‘Durga Puja’ of the family was begun by Shibkrishna Daw’s dad in 1840. Yet, it was the practical finance manager child who added charm to the festival.

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