The next generation of gaming devices will be available at the end of 2020, so if you are looking for a consulate where you can play new Game Console For Kids in the next few years (unless you buy it, but now you have a limited budget, that is a good time), now is not the right time to buy something Buy a Microsoft Xbox One S and play it at an amazing, affordable price for nearly a decade.

The next-generation consoles to be used on the Microsoft Xbox Xbox X and Series S consoles will be (North America), and Sony’s PlayStation 5 console (with or without CD) will also be released. They represent an important step forward for the now available PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, solid state drives widely support high-resolution 4K formats and reduce loading time. If you care about graphics, or want to shine in the next six or seven years, you should not buy PS4 or Xbox One right away. (At the moment, we also think that no one will buy a more expensive version of the current game console, namely.

Although we prefer high-end media, if your entertainment center needs these two consoles, they are also efficient media boxes and DVD/Blu-ray players.

Nintendo 2DS

In addition to the 3-D function, 2DS also provides all the functions that 3DS can provide. The 3-D screen space is a high-end 2-D version, although it can still be played on 3DS subtitles. The art academy and various interactive games have made the system so popular, which makes it an excellent choice for considering a child’s consulate. The best game console for kids adopts the form and type of XL, and XL appears on a larger screen. Whatever you choose, it will definitely happen to your child. However, the same limits apply. So, keep this in mind when deciding between devices.

Mini Consoles

Nintendo recently released several versions of the previous system NES and SNES, each version is equipped with high-end hardware headphones. Sony also follows a format similar to PlayStation. They may not have the visual effects and hot spots of today, but the small church is a great way to fulfill some of the titles you might have grown up with, and many people provide the same collaboration between the two participants. Found in the original system of the game. Whether you are familiar with sports or not, it is difficult to find game titles that are not suitable for children today. This eliminates the need for parental control and at the same time avoids any concerns about online games. what. There are dozens of games, which means to buy additional games.

The iPad

Although the iPad is not a real video game console, it offers many games with its classic programs (such as Pacman) and popular songs (such as Lego Harry Potter), all running on this device, and the large screen makes it an excellent Game equipment. In addition, you can find hundreds of educational applications in the Apple Store. Setting up parental controls on the iPad is very easy. Eliminate any worries that your children may encounter when browsing the web or trying to download programs. Depending on the game console, it can also be given to children.

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 has a huge game library, you cannot play games anywhere else, it is the only gaming device that supports real computer headsets, it also comes with our favorite game manager, easy to integrate and support any internal or external updates . The PlayStation Plus subscription service provides multiplayer online games and two, which is equivalent to the income you get from the Xbox Live Gold service. Most people should get the standard version of PS4, not PS4 Pro. ; If you are willing to on a more powerful consulate, then this time you should represent the next PlayStation 5 game.

PS4 and Xbox One are similar enough to get most of the same games, including the titles in popular advertisements such as “Call of Duty”, “Destiny” and “Crazy”, but each system has a unique title, which is uniform on any other device. unavailable.

If you plan to play live games, get a console from your friends, because Sony generally does not support multiplayer integration with Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation and Xbox applications cost $60 a year to access basic online services. For PS4, this record is for Xbox, it is called Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft Xbox One S

If you want a console that can play 4K videos and 4K Blu-ray, if you invest in Microsoft-specific game advertisements such as Halo or Gears of War, or if you have an Xbox Xbox library or original game Xbox, please buy Microsoft Xbox S. However, if you are in, or want the best graphics, consider waiting for the next Xbox Series X and SeriesS. In addition, your features are more powerful than Xbox One. In any case, the X series with almost all Xbox One game Game Console For Kids and devices (from the now discontinued Kinect and consoles), as well as the same Xbox 360 and original Xbox compatibility.

Xbox One S requires a fee of $60 per year to play many online games, such as PlayStation Plus. Xbox Live Gold is also one of the two free games per month. If you stop paying for the service, you will also lose it. Others, you need to pay to have a party chat system, in which you can easily share voice chat and play games with a group of friends without disturbing the party. Even if you don’t have anyou can still enable automatic renewal and have cloud storage to store files. This is ideal for storage if you want to play in another room or the second consulate in your friend’s house. . PlayStation 4 owners cannot do this for free by paying for PS Plus.

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