Karnataka Deputy CM C.N. Ashwatha Narayana on Thursday offered ‘bagina’ at Sankey tank which is filled to the edge and flooding following a hole of 12 years.

“Bagina” is a sort of pooja offered to Goddess Gange, a Hindu custom broadly rehearsed in Karnataka, at whatever point tanks, lakes and waterways fill to the edge. Because of bounteous downpours in the last fortnight, the Sankey tank topped off after over ten years.

This notable tank is arranged in Malleshwaram body electorate, which Narayana speaks to in the Assembly. The tank is additionally noteworthy for its outstanding excellence, and it is a fledgeling watchers heaven.

Addressing journalists after offering ‘bagina’ to the tank, Narayana said that the very truth that the tank is filled to its edge has carried a ton of cheers to the individuals of Malleshwaram and encompassing areas. “It is a delight to love and offer ‘bagina’ to goddess Gange on this propitious event,” he said.

He included that the state government was finding a way to tap each raindrop to build the groundwater level in the state. “We will before long come out with an arrangement to develop splash pits, so as to forestall water going waste. Other than this the water filling limit of tanks in the city will likewise be upgraded,” he asserted.

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