Have you ever noticed small piles of wood particles under the wooden Accessories? Then, it is a clear indicator of termite infestation. And, when you acknowledge even a minimal sign of termite invasion, you should immediately avail the required steps to make your house termite-free.

Because, once the termites start to invade your house, eliminating them completely from your house will become a tedious job, especially due to their minuscule size.

Not only, termites can cause severe property damage, but also can invite unwanted hazardous health diseases. So, every homeowner should consider availing of professional guidance from renowned pest control services. And, when it comes to preventing the house from termites by wooden accessories, AT DOORSTEP has acquired outstanding feedback and rating for rendering an impeccable service. 

One of the prime reasons why the termite elimination process is hard to deal with is primarily because they can not be adequately detected until they have caused considerable damage. Even, this sort of insect requires a wide range of time to set up a large colony. 

And, in one termite colony, almost thousands of termites reside together — so, tackling the entire scenario single-handedly will be troublesome for a household owner who lacks adequate knowledge in this field. And, if you have detected the legitimate presence of the termites, without a second thought take necessary preventive measures by wooden accessories.

Major Indicators of Termite Infestation

Before you implement any possible solutions to resolve the termite infestation problems, it is important to acknowledge the signs that can clearly indicate their existence. And, you might be astonished by the fact that a termite can reside in a particular house for years, and for these, homeowners have to spend a bulk amount of money to mitigate the repair expenses of wooden accessories. 

So, be proactive and safeguard the property and the excessive repair expenses by searching the major termite signs. And, once you locate even a minor sign, get in touch with ATDOORSTEP. Being one of the leading companies,

they are known for providing a wide range of pest control services. So, take look at these top five termite signs in order to eliminate them successfully. 

  • Blisters in the Wood flooring
  • Extensively damaged wood items
  • Existence of swarms
  • Presence of pencil-sized mud tubes
  • Droppings of the termites

Even if you didn’t come across the termite signs, that doesn’t mean there is no presence of termites. And, until any severe structural damage takes place, it might get too late. That is why availing termite control within a proper time frame is adequately needed. 

Essential Termite Control Procedure Every Homeowner Should Implement

Subterranean termites are the most common kind of termites that are mostly noticed in Dubai. And, they can possess potential risks in one’s health including respiratory problems. And, not only wooden furniture, termites can damage essential household items- like curtains, carpets, and other clothing. 

So, after the accomplishment of the termite detection process, make sure you have implemented the following termite treatment processes.  

1.  Pay Attention to the Leaks and Crevices

Yes! You heard that right. Even these pesky pests have the capability to hide inside the cracks, leaks, even in the gaps of your house.

Moreover, the termites find the decayed roofs and moisture-laden walls more alluring for residing. So, you need to provide your prior attention in sealing the leakages promptly through ATDOORSTEP.

Usually, these leakages are mostly overlooked by the homeowners, and thus they become the breeding ground for termites. So, get hold of the nearby pest control services beforehand to prevent unwanted pest attacks. 

2.  Decluttering is Essential 

A contaminated house is considered a pest-prone zone. And, if you avail of professional help or handle the entire pest treatment process following the DIY solutions, it is important to completely declutter the house. 

In certain circumstances, your prime focus should be on reorganizing the unwanted wooden That’s the easiest way to prevent the wooden Accessories essentials from structural damage.  , cardboards, old magazines, and even newspapers.

Keep these certain things in their proper place and make your house immaculate with the assistance of the professional team of ATDOORSTEP. 

3.  Make your House Moisture-Free

Moisture is one of the prime reasons why you are encountering frequent termite invasion-related problems. Not only just termites, but a moisture-prone zone is also highly captivating for every sort of pests. 

So, make sure, you have adequately eliminated the excess moisture from your house. If you reside in a hot-humid climate, you should definitely invest in a dehumidifier.

During the summertime, make sure you have powered on the air conditioning system to lower the moisture level. 

4.  Consider Using Borate on the Wooden Accessories

Primarily, borate in the wooden Accessories to prevent the wood and its constructive structures from getting drastically changed by the organism including subterranean termites.

Moreover, this is one of the most effective termite repellents that one can ever think of. 

So, before making any wooden furniture, doors, or window frames you should always use borate spray. That’s the easiest way to prevent the wooden Accessories essentials from structural damage. 

Is that enough? 

Obviously, not! You need to be extremely careful while tackling termite problems. Also, if you own a garden, ensure you have placed the wooden Accessories far from the garden area.

But, we would highly recommend you to contact pest control services. They have adequate tools and are aware of the pest control techniques that can provide a high-end outcome. That’s the easiest way to prevent the wooden Accessories essentials from structural damage. 

So, join with them and avail of monthly/yearly pest detection and preventive maintenance service now!

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