The lady needed to check if she arranged to meet up would pay for her relatives.

An unusual occurrence occurred in China – one lady went on an arranged meet up with 23 of her relatives to test her possible beau. She needed to try how liberal he is, and her method of clearing the uncertainty has left many entertained and flabbergasted.

The idea of an arranged meeting was presented so that an individual could discover his/her perfect partner and become acquainted with each other better. The proportion of finding an ideal partner in the present occasions is lower. Instead, individuals wind up finding a character with muddled expectations.

The anonymous lady from China carried her family to the arranged meeting to test her possible sweetheart’s liberality. The man was confronted with such a predicament when the lady didn’t just acquire her 23 relatives yet besides requested that he pay all their eating costs.

The bill, sit tight for it, approached 20,000 Yen, which, when changed over to INR is Rs. 2,20,424. Befuddled and shocked, the 29-year-old Xiao Liu left the café after finding out about the outstanding bill which came to his direction.

As indicated by a neighbourhood Chinese paper, the couple at that point went to an understanding, after which the lady and her family paid an outstanding aggregate to the café. The story had turned into a web sensation via online media, with most concurring that Liu was correct when he left the eatery.

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