The Meteorological Department on Friday anticipated tempests with lightning at detached spots in seaside Andhra Pradesh and Yanam on Saturday. In any case, there is no precipitation figure from Sunday to Tuesday.

Friday kept on being overcast in West Godavari area with the mellow sun looking out of mists in some cases. By chance, a few spots in West Godavari area have seen downpour even without Met forecast for the equivalent.

Around 10 pm on Monday, a couple of spots like Kalla town close to Bhimavaram saw downpour for thirty minutes. Likewise, on Tuesday evening additionally, there was a hefty downpour for over an hour in Bhimavaram and its region; however, there was no estimate.

“This happens seldom in a couple of spots just in the whole Andhra Pradesh. Here and there showers happen for only 2-5 minutes,” a Met official told IANS.

Be that as it may, it down-poured intensely for over an hour on Tuesday evening close to Bhimavaram, Pedamiram Kopalle, Jakkaram, Seesali, Kalla and different spots.

Again on Thursday, steady with the Met estimate of disengaged downpour in waterfront Andhra, there was a downpour for thirty minutes in the early evening in Kalla. On Thursday evening, there was downpour and daylight in Kalla town, 12 km from Bhimavaram.

Then, the Met Department said that north-easterlies would blow predominantly over the southern state, which will bring twists at a low range from the eastern course.

As it is some of the time pouring surprisingly, influenced ranchers in certain spots were attempting to spare their harvests, which were shielded from ongoing substantial rains and floods, particularly paddy.

Notwithstanding winter setting in Andhra, most splendid daytime temperatures in many spots are somewhere in the range of 30 and 35 degrees Celsius. Among the defects observed in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday, just Arogyavaram enrolled temperature under 30 degrees, at 29.5 degrees Celsius.

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