Peruse on to know how you can copy your number one pop star’s hairdo. 

Are Kim Kardashian, Beyonce also Jennifer Lopez, your style symbols? It isn’t sufficient to copy their style; you have to have their disposition as well. One approach to get it is by styling your hair like a diva. 

To get you there, attempt the Money Piece method which is about-face outlining features, which add a brilliant fly of shading to in a split second stand out. It has been broadly authored ‘Cash Piece’ since it is time and practice. Face outlining features stand out from the remainder of the hair, giving a natural, powerful yet shocking outcome for all hair surfaces and types. It’s nothing unexpected then that Money Piece is anticipated to keep being a significant pattern for 2021 too. 

Godrej Professional divulges three new hair tone curated impeccably for the Indian hair type, as a feature of ‘Cash Piece’. Heena Dalvi, National Technical Head, Godrej Professional, states, “The Money Piece pattern was launched by Beyonce this year and has increased huge notoriety, turning into the most sweltering hair pattern all around the world. We are eager to presented extraordinarily curated hair shading looks expanding on this hair shading pattern. The best point about this system is that it gives another measurement to the low support balayage. In the event that your hair is dull, it’s an extraordinary method to coordinate some lighter tone without doing a concentrated treatment. It gives an unpretentious yet refined look that makes certain to make heads-turn. The new looks made by our board of specialists is set to be an ideal pattern for the happy just as the forthcoming winter season.” 

Three of India’s top hairdressers and Godrej Professional specialists have met up and made mark looks each. 

  • Hazel: Go for gold by the Hazel as this mix is irrefutably staggering, and praises the dark/earthy coloured normal hair tone. I am making the ideal shade utilizing the No Ammonia copper shade and liquefying it with hazel gold for a shocking outcome. 
  • Cherry Red: If you as of now have dark hair tone, consider trying different things with Cherry Red as the sunny shades give your mane the ideal measure of profundity. The look makes a pop impact outlining the face wonderfully while being upheld by the No Ammonia Iridescent shades for worldwide. 
  • Debris: If you lean toward cooler tones, pick the Ash cash piece which gives you a smoky blonde search for smoky fall style. A No Ammonia pre-lightener use around the face, through the hairline followed by conditioning with a celestial shade of extreme Ash.

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