Calling the BJP “trash of falsehoods” and “greatest revile of the country”, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday challenged the saffron gathering to capture her and affirmed she would guarantee TMC triumph in the forthcoming races even from the prison.

The political decision to the 294-part West Bengal Assembly is expected in April-May.

Blaming the BJP for attempting to poach TMC MLAs by endeavouring to pay them off, Banerjee, without naming anybody, said a few people are going about as fence-sitters who are under the deception that the saffron gathering may come to control in the state.

“The BJP is anything but an ideological group yet trash of falsehoods. At whatever point the political race shows up, they raise the issue of Narada (sting activity) and Saradha (trick) to threaten TMC pioneers.

“In any case, let me disclose to them plainly, I am not terrified of the BJP or its offices. In the event that they have the guts, they can capture me and put me behind the bars. I will battle races from imprison and guarantee the triumph of the TMC,” Banerjee said in her first significant public assembly here in post-COVID times.

Alluding to the as of late finished up Bihar races, Banerjee said even RJD pioneer Lalu Prasad Yadav has been put behind bars. Yet, at the same time, he guaranteed his gathering’s proper execution.

“Indeed, even Lalu Prasad Yadav has been put in the slammer yet at the same time he hosts guaranteed his gathering’s acceptable execution. The triumph of the BJP (in Bihar) is through control and not through well known command,” she said.

Lashing out at the BJP for supposedly attempting to threaten and pay off the TMC MLAs, Banerjee stated, “Scarcely any individuals are under the figment that they (BJP) will come to control, so a few people are attempting to take a risk. In any case, I need to state this plainly, there is neither any possibility nor ‘by-some coincidence’ for the BJP to come to control. We will again re-visitation of intensity with a greater command.”

The TMC is administering the state since 2011.

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