The CBI has accused Delhi-based Amira Pure Foods Pvt Ltd, and its top heads including advertiser Karan Chanana and MD Rajesh Arora for supposedly swindling a consortium of twelve banks drove by Canara Bank upon the tune of over Rs 1,200 crore, authorities said Thursday. The CBI after documenting the FIR based on a grievance from Canara Bank did an inquiry activity at eight areas in Delhi and NCR at the premises of the denounced named in the FIR, they said.

The FIR has mentioned Arora, Directors Karan A Chanana, Aparna Puri also Jawahar Kapoor, previous Director Anita Diang including Finance Head Akshay Srivastava as charged. The extortion in the 27-year-old organization occupied with the fare of basmati and non-basmati rice came to see in a measurable review on May 22, 2019.

The report asserted that the denounced misrepresented the record, and manufactured and created the archives to pick up unlawfully at the expense of bank reserves, the authorities said. The report red-hailed “glaring anomalies” including cheating, extortion, misappropriation of assets, stock control, redirection of assets and criminal intrigue perpetrated by its Directors and advertisers and other key people, they said.

It said Amira India is the auxiliary of Amira Mauritius which is entirely held by Amira Nature Foods Ltd enrolled in the British Virgin Islands and settled in Dubai. Chanana, who lives outside India, is the fundamental advertiser of the organization and aides the activities. At the same time, the Indian tasks are taken care of by Managing Director Arora who lives in Janakpuri in West Delhi.

“All the heads of the organization were associated with the intrigue to swindle the banks and accordingly redirected the assets among themselves by different acts, oversight and commission and redirected the public exchequer,” it said. In its grumbling, the bank explicitly referenced that the function of Finance Head Srivastava should be tested.

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