November 26, Thursday, 5:40 p.m.

A massive storm in Andhra claims one life.

Incredibly weighty downpours of more than 200 mm were recorded at a few places across Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. According to reports, one individual was executed. At the same time, another rancher is dreaded to have washed away because of the unremitting downpours.

November 26, Thursday, 4:20 p.m.

Tirupati police salvage two ranchers stuck in floodwaters.

Two of the three ranchers who were abandoned in the floodwaters were protected by Tirupati police in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor locale on Thursday. “Tirupati police safeguarded two people alongside the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). Endeavors are being made to safeguard one more,” said a police official.

The three ranchers went to keep an eye on their water engines in the paddy fields when they stalled out in the flooding Mallimadugu channel. Mallimadugu is situated in Tirupati metropolitan region and falls under Redigunta Mandal.

November 26, Thursday, 4:10 p.m.

26 cows had likewise passed on in the tempest

Three people were killed and another three harmed as the severe cyclonic tempest Nivar unleashed devastation in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry on Thursday. As per the Tamil Nadu government, 26 steers had likewise kicked the bucket in the storm. On its way, the twister also harmed a few houses, evacuated trees and electrical cables in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore, Marakkanam and in Puducherry too.

An aggregate of 101 houses, including covered cottages and tiled houses, were harmed by the typhoon. As per the public authority, around 380 trees were removed by Nivar and 14-section of the land banana ranch was likewise broken. Around 2.27 lakh people were cleared and housed in 3,085 help camps over the state.

November 26, Thursday, 3:50 p.m.

Warming seas, fast heightening reason concerns

The Bay of Bengal has just 4% of the complete typhoons internationally. Yet, over 80% of the fatalities to tornadoes are from this area. Presently, gauge models are thinking that its hard to reproduce the quickly increasing frameworks fuelled by warming seas. Driving atmosphere researcher Dr Roxy Mathew Koll from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology clarifies the new difficulties of twister estimating here.

November 26, Thursday, 2:55 p.m.

164 spots get more than 60 mm precipitation in Andhra

Upwards of 164 stations across Andhra Pradesh have recorded weighty downpours of more than 60 mm during the most recent 24 hours till Wednesday morning. As per IMD, five places in Nellore area enrolled the most elevated precipitation—APFT Colony (302.7 mm), Boggulamitta Ward (272.7 mm), MPP School (264 mm), Summer stockpiling tank (242.7 mm) and Thatipatri (239.5 mm).

November 26, Thursday, 1:50 p.m.

Reclamation works continuously in Chennai.

November 26, Thursday, 1:15 p.m.

Nivar debilitates into Cyclonic Storm; Further deintensification expected in next 6 hours.

Extreme Cyclonic Storm Nivar has debilitated into a Cyclonic Storm over north seaside Tamil Nadu, as indicated by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). From here on, the tornado is relied upon to keep moving northwestwards and debilitate further into a Deep Depression during the following six hours, and into a downturn by the resulting six hours.

November 26, Thursday, 1:00 p.m.

Typhoon Nivar executes 3

Three individuals have lost their lives, and three others have gotten harmed because of the unpleasant climate and the resulting abused prompted by Cyclone Nivar, as per Atulya Mishra, extra boss secretary, Tamil Nadu. Besides, the tornado has likewise harmed 101 cabins and caused around 380 trees to fall.

In the interim, all the fundamental administrations have now been reestablished, he added.

November 26, Thursday, 12:15 p.m.

Home Minister Amit Shah offers assistance.

Association Home Minister Amit Shah has addressed the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, guaranteeing all reasonable assistance in managing the harm brought about by Cyclone Nivar, reports PTI.

November 26, Thursday, 11:30 a.m.

New framework blends over the Bay of Bengal

According to the IMD sources, another new typhoon is preparing over the ocean in a similar locale of the Nivar over the Bay of Bengal, reports TOI. The North Indian Ocean twister season tops two times each year, between April to June and October to December. As the ocean surface temperatures are very high during this period, the frameworks have adequate each as far as warmth and dampness from the sea to increase a lot quicker. Indeed, even now, the surface temperatures are in the scope of 29-30°C over the Bay of Bengal—favourable for development and reinforcing of typhoons.

November 26, Thursday, 10:20 a.m.

Reparation work starts in Puducherry; Damage appraisal to be finished by evening.

Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy has affirmed that the cycle of reparation and reclamation in the association region is currently in progress. Narayanasamy said authorities are chipping away at emptying the water of the immersed low-lying territories just as clearing the fallen trees from streets. Indeed, even the force gracefully that was disturbed by the typhoon will be reestablished in a staged way on Thursday itself, he added.

As to harm to lives and property, Narayanasamy said the appraisal would be made by this evening, and the gauge of harm will at that point be known. He has likewise investigated the tornado harmed territories, and for the interim, has encouraged individuals to remain inside. Anglers not to wander into the oceans. More subtleties here.

November 26, Thursday, 8:45 a.m.

NDRF and state specialists clear fallen trees

The NDRF faculty, just as the city and state specialists, have been clearing the fallen trees across Tamil Nadu since early hours on Thursday. More prominent Chennai Corporation has taken out 223 of 267 trees that have fallen in Chennai over the most recent 24 hours. Around 1,200 National Disaster Response Force staff have been positioned in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Andhra Pradesh—prepared to do safeguard and alleviation tasks as and when required. An extra 20 groups are on reserve in Odisha’s Cuttack, Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, and Thrissur in Kerala.

November 26, Thursday, 7:50 a.m.

Nivar to miss Bengaluru

The remainders of the debilitated Cyclone Nivar estimated to brush past Bengaluru on Friday according to a portion of the model projections. Notwithstanding, according to the most recent track gauges, the framework is probably going to move along the outskirt of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and is probably going to miss Bengaluru. Be that as it may, the nursery city has stayed shady on Thursday early daytime attributable to the impact of Nivar and is probably going to observe a couple of spells of precipitation at night.

November 26, Thursday, 7:30 a.m.

Amazingly hefty downpours estimate in Andhra Pradesh.

Typhoon Nivar is required to debilitate further and lose its ‘serious’ status inside the following three hours. Notwithstanding, estimates propose that precipitation collection more than 150 mm is likely around the outskirt locale of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and connecting places inside the following 24 hours. Confined spots of Coastal Andhra Pradesh are set to observe amazingly hefty precipitation surpassing 200 mm on Thursday. As the twister keeps on losing strength, precipitation action will continuously die down. Nonetheless, hardy to heavy downpours are required to proceed in Andhra Pradesh on Friday.

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