Tamil genius Rajinikanth won’t click in the southern state’s legislative issues, where the ethos of Dravidian culture has consistently shown, senior Congress pioneer M Veerappa Moily asserted on Friday. The previous Union Minister reviewed that the Congress couldn’t get “free presence” in Tamil Nadu and consistently lined up with either the AIADMK or DMK.

“I don’t figure the Rajinikanth legislative issues will click in light of the fact that the ethos of Dravidian culture has consistently showed in the governmental issues of Tamil Nadu,” Moily, who was responsible for Congress issues in Tamil Nadu quite a long while back, told PTI.

“Any ideological group in Tamil Nadu can’t get by without the alliance to a Tamilian party, local gathering,” the previous Karnataka Chief Minister said.

Rajinikanth, Moily stated, has just given a feeling that he is pretty much lined up with the “beliefs” of the BJP, adding, “that is the reason it (his gathering) can’t take-off.”

“Except if Rajinikanth again sustains himself from out of the ethos of Dravidian culture, I don’t figure he will have any (political) future,” he said.

Rajinikanth declared on Thursday he would dispatch an ideological group in January 2021 to challenge in the Assembly races in Tamil Nadu.

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