Police in Latvia has captured three men for taking a turkey from a private zoo and afterwards utilizing it with vodka at the seashore to praise a birthday.

The caper happened from the beginning Wednesday in the capital Riga. Surveillance camera film shows the three wearing dark breaking into the scaled-down zoo and stuffing the turkey into a dark pack.

The men, matured somewhere in the range of 30 and 40, at that point took the winged animal to the ocean side hotel of Jurmala.

After showing up in a train station in Jurmala named Bulduri, which signifies “Turkey’s Speech” in Latvian, they made a beeline for the seashore to drink and constrained vodka down the winged creature’s mouth.

The gathering was over when police saw the men with the turkey and captured them for theft and intruding.

The turkey was gotten back to its home, later showing up on the nearby TV3 Latvija nightly news safe yet noticeably loomed over.

“One of the suspects was praising his 34th birthday celebration and the other two chose to commend it along these lines,” Inga Zonberga, the criminal police boss in the West Riga area, told neighbourhood media.

“Presently the triplet will deal with criminal indictments for robbery and intruding in a coordinated gathering,” she stated, adding that the suspects had been recently fined for hooliganism and a line of different offences.

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