A 19-year-old young lady discovered that she has COVID-19 while recording herself tasting another beverage from Starbucks for a TikTok video. The random snapshot of her acknowledgement, disarray and frenzy was caught on TikTok, and it has turned into a web sensation across online media stages.

Maryn Short was anticipating that the drink should be “too sweet” as it had whipped cream, five siphons of vanilla syrup and three siphons of caramel. Nonetheless, when she tasted it, there was no flavour.

“It was practically similar to I was drinking sweet milk. I could reveal to it was sweet, yet there was no flavor by any means. It was truly odd. It’s difficult to depict,” Maryn told BuzzFeed.

In the viral video, she is seen taking a taste and saying, “This has no flavor.” After taking a subsequent bite, she asks herself, “For what reason wouldn’t i be able to taste it? Do I have COVID?”

Girl finds out she has COVID on TikTok

This is best horror film of 2020. pic.twitter.com/y2tRzb1IZU

— Paul Price (@priceliketag) December 5, 2020

“Hold tight, I can’t taste anything. Goodness my God!” she goes crazy not long before the video closes.

In the video text, she referenced that she “woke up with a stodgy nose yet I felt that it was ordinary sensitivities.”

One client stated, “This is best thriller of 2020.” Another expressed, “I was not anticipating that bend. Expectation she’s OK.”

Somebody kidded, “Get your Covid-19 test pack now. At your number one Starbucks close to you.” Yet another prominent, “This is actually what befallen me, my tastebuds were getting dull and afterward I saw this and went to get tried right away. Positive test.”

Not long after she shot the video, Maryn got herself tried for the viral disease which came out to be positive and is isolating herself.

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