Have an industry-disrupting idea for Fintech? Do you already have a few people signed up on it? Are you thinking of making it big and developing your Fintech application to host more people? If yes, you need to hire remote software developers right now and we’ll give you a few reasons why.

Places to Hire Remote Software Developers?

Luckily, Gaper is a firm that helps you get your remote software developers engineers in less than 48 hours! One of the many reasons your fintech firm is going to need software engineers is the changing market.

The Developer Market is Changing

Software engineers and software developers are very much in demand these days. From banks to hospitals, everyone needs software developers to develop their software technology and to maintain it. However, there just aren’t enough software engineers in the locality for all the firms to hire one. This is where if you hire remote software developers, it can help you out. They will work on your timezone, on your projects, but not in your office! Saving you time and money!

Good Software Developers are Hard to Find

We have all heard this one before! You put out an ad for a developer and only fresh graduates apply. The good software developers are already taken and charge too much for their services. So when you start looking, you can’t find any that are in your locality and also meet your needs. Remote workers can simplify this task by being great and readily available. They’ll probably have more experience than your previous hire and will get your work done in half the time and double the accuracy.

They Charge Too Much

This one is a no-brainer. People just don’t have that much money to give to software developers. But because they are in demand and few in number, they can choose to increase fees. This hurts the companies because all the great developers become unaffordable. Remote developers, however, are still affordable. Because they may be living in different parts of the world, the lifestyle and cost of living may be different allowing them to work for the same salary, or even lower but still being paid generously.

Hiring Someone New is so Time-Consuming

Yes! True. Studies show that it takes almost a month to find a suitable person for a software engineering role. The time increases if the role is a senior role which has to be more decision based. You’ll find other remote engineering platforms that try to find candidates in 2 weeks or so. But efficiency and accuracy is what differentiates Gaper as it only takes those 48 hours to set up a meeting and an interview with a suitable candidate.

These are the reasons why we think Fintechs should hire remote software developers. They are economical, of higher quality, and can be hired in less than 2 days. However, these aren’t the only reasons.

A High Rate of Return on Investment

A much bigger reason is the high rate of return on investment in remote developers for fintech. Fintech companies like Ant Financial and Stripe are valued at USD 150 Billion and USD 36 billion respectively. Similar fintech startups are popping up every now and then. When one does the math of hiring a team of 10 full-time remote developers at USD 40,000 a year rather than USD 100,000 a year and aims their startup to at least reach a valuation of USD 1 Billion, the return on investment is 2,500 considering the main cost is of developing the software developers.

Booming Fintech Industry

The rate at which the fintech industry is growing is alarming, to say the least. Studies show that it has grown at a rate of 20% CAGR with a prediction of it being valued at USD 305 Billion by 2025. With this rate, we are only going to see a boom in the fintech sector, with many money lending, money transferring, and money investing applications coming to consumers.

This is a golden opportunity where people are bound to invest time and money in and with software development being a big part of the process, it would not be the wisest idea to not hire remote software developers for the job.

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