Two men have been captured for purportedly being individuals from a module that pre-owned robots to pirate opiates and weapons into India through Pakistan-based runners with connections to favourable to Khalistan agents, the Punjab police said in articulation on Tuesday. A quadcopter drone with smaller than usual beneficiary and camera uphold, a .32 bore pistol, an SUV, cartridges and medications have been recuperated from the blame, the police added.

The blame, distinguished as Lakhbir Singh and Bachittar Singh, were captured by the Amritsar (Rural) police.

The police said the cross-examination of the denounced had uncovered their supposed relationship with four different bootleggers, who were stopped in the Amritsar prison.

“During examinations, Lakhbir Singh uncovered that he had secured a Quadcopter Drone from Delhi around four months back and the robot was right now at the home of his partner Bachittar Singh at Guru Amardas Avenue, Amritsar,” Punjab police boss Dinkar Singh was cited as saying in the explanation.

“…Lakhbir Singh was right up front and incessant contact with four significant medication runners of Ajnala, who are at present held up in Amritsar Jail. An inquiry in the jail prompted the recuperation of a touch cell phone from the ownership of Lakhbir’s partner Surjit Masih, a medication bootlegger,” he added.

The police said the denounced, Lakhbir Singh, had set up a broad correspondence network with unfamiliar dealers and was right up front and regular contact with a famous Pakistan-based runner, Chishti, who was in close contact with Pakistan-based favourable to Khalistan agents.

A case has been enrolled in such manner.

Robots are by and large progressively utilized by runners and psychological oppressors in Pakistan to airdrop medications and weapons inside the Indian domain. Throughout the most recent few years, Indian specialists have caught a few robots utilized for this reason.

The recuperation of passages and robots along the India-Pakistan fringe is the verification of the antagonism of the neighbouring nation towards India, Union priest Nityanand Rai had said recently.

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