Entertainer Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married on November 14-15, 2018 at Lake Como, Italy. The couple stood out as genuinely newsworthy after holding their relationship under the wraps for quite a while. Deepika was the most stunning lady in Sabyasachi couture, and we were unable to take our eyes off her. Deepika looked brilliant on her big day, with her etched face and gleaming skin. Don’t we as a whole need to look so splendid and shining on our memorable day? Indeed, we have uplifting news for you, VIP dietician and nutritionist Shweta Shah let the cat out of the bag about Deepika’s pre-wedding diet.

In a meeting with Brides Today, Shweta shared that ladies ought to have a without pills stable life. She uncovered that Deepika has a ‘pitta’ character. Shweta curated Deepika’s simple supper plan and dealt with her interests, inclinations, guilty pleasures.

Deepika began her day with a tbsp. Of splashed saunf (fennel) seeds, alongside tasting on cooling beverages, for example, oats and green detox smoothies, for the duration of the day, Shweta told the entrance.

“One essential guideline for anybody with ‘pitta prakruti’ is to never skip breakfast or go hungry for broad timeframes.” Talking about her suppers, Shweta said that Piku entertainer’s morning meal had her number one fixings, for example, coconut, nuts, oats, rice, and lentils. She shared that Pongal, porridge, upma, bubbled and sautéed red lentils prepared in cooling spices including mint, cilantro, also fennel, either purple cabbage alongside millet seeds. A side of the green plate of mixed greens was likewise essential for the menu.

Deepika is an aficionado of Italian and Mexican food and fixings, for example, quinoa and rice were likewise essential for her to eating routine which was cooked soundly at any rate 2-3 times each week. Deepika post-breakfast had one early in the day nibble of 1 natural product which kept her acidic inclinations under control until Lunch. “Lunch was generally a roti (Indian flatbread) with a bowl of cooked veggies – again painstakingly arranged remembering her inclinations. Night snacks offered a decision of beetroot tikki, zucchini kebabs, herbed humus, and a couple of other delectable treats. Debris gourd juice and chutney adjusted her dinners and tidbits,” she revealed to Bride Today.

Will you attempt this eating routine?

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