Notwithstanding selling in the homegrown market for as far back as 15 years, Maruti Suzuki Swift has not wasted even an ounce of its charm and trust me you. This vehicle isn’t going anyplace later on also. So it gets evident for us to acquire your profundity possession experience of the OG hatchback. In the wake of driving the ZXi AMT variation for a year and around 10,000 km, here’s our Maruti Suzuki Swift long haul survey.

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It’s a given how well known the Swift hatchback is in India and I for one own the second era model. As a Swift proprietor myself, I feel glad to perceive how the third-gen model has ended up being. The new model is age separated regarding plan from the first and second-gen models and looks present-day and lively, settling on it a favoured decision of numerous purchasers under 35-year age gathering.

It’s additionally one of simply a handful few vehicles that look great from both front and back profiles. It can do ponders with a smidgen of customization work. The precise headlights and the squarish tail light makes the new Swift look European and offers a plan that stays significant for at any rate ten years. While I like the however given by Maruti Suzuki to add back entryway handles on windows, I am not a major devotee of this plan. Generally, the new Swift causes you to like possessing a vehicle that is little in size, yet has a significant street presence.


You can call me one-sided or anything other than any vehicle with computerized turning Aircon unit, and I am sold. And that is the thing that Maruti Suzuki is offering in the new Swift, lifting the entire lodge insight. The dark-themed lodge looks lively, and the lodge space is excellent for four mature grown-ups. Nonetheless, if you love to drive with an extended leg like me, the back travellers will feel a digit crushed.

The Swift is an inside and out driver’s vehicle and the ergonomics Maruti Suzuki figures out how to nail without fail. The seats are overall quite agreeable, and the level base directing wheel alongside new instrument group adds to a punchy plan.

Highlight shrewd, there’s not a lot to play with separated from a respectable music framework, advanced turning AC handle and a few USB ports. There was no armrest in the Swift variation we drove, and that makes a specific feeling of separation with the vehicle. The front cupholders are of gigantic use, while the boot space carefully all right to hold two packs.


Being a proprietor of second-gen Swift myself, I am an outright devotee of DDiS 1.3-liter diesel unit. In any case, there’ no diesel motor discounted any longer, and the Maruti Suzuki Swift is accessible with merely a petroleum motor, a 1.2-litre K-arrangement unit creating 83 bhp and 115 Nm of force. The engine is quiet to run and gave me a good 19 km proficiency. The AMT unit which Maruti Suzuki announces AGS or Auto Gear Shift feels excellent to hold and has high stuff proportions for a lively run.

It, at some point, feels overstretched while pushing the vehicle hard. The in general NVH levels are refined. Talking about handling not exclusively does the controlling feels excellent to hold, it is extraordinarily even and feels simple to manoeuvre during city run. There’s sufficient input, and you feel in command of the vehicle frequently. Slowing down is fair as well while the suspension is on the somewhat stiffer side.


It is straightforward for me to prescribe the Maruti Suzuki Swift AMT to anybody searching for a straightforward hatchback that gives you a driving experience like none other. And it’s the motor as well as the general outside and inside plan that raises the entire possession experience. Likewise, the very actuality that it’s a Maruti Suzuki adds to the actual serenity.

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