• Google is commending winter solstice and Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter with a doodle.
  • You can see this imaginative doodle on Google Search.

Today is the Winter Solstice (the official start of the colder time of year season for the Northern Hemisphere) and the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn where these two planets will be seen nearest in the night sky after around 800 years.

Google is commending these two occasions with an innovative Doodle. It features energized Jupiter and Saturn giving a high five to one another, demonstrating the Great Conjunction of the two planets. There is likewise an energized Earth covered with the day off wearing a colder time of year cap, portraying the more freezing time of year solstice. You can see this doodle on Google Search and offer with your companions via web-based media stages.

What is Winter Solstice

The colder time of year solstice shows that days will turn out to be longer and evenings more limited in the Northern Hemisphere. This happens each year once in the Northern Hemisphere in December and Southern Hemisphere in June.

What is the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

The two most significant planets in our close planetary system – Jupiter and Saturn will almost cover to frame a “twofold planet” in the sky. This divine occasion can be seen from across the globe on the night of December 21, 2020.

Along these lines, don’t miss looking into the sky around evening time and appreciate this earth-shattering meet-and-welcome among Jupiter and Saturn.

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