Jharkhand police were probing the neighbourhood contacts of Abdul Majeed Kutty, needed with criminal hidden world wear and the US designate dread supporter Dawood Ibrahim and gangster Abu Salem, after it came to the front that Majeed’s passport, in his phoney name Mohammed Kamal, was set up from Patna by his companion Mohammed Inam Ali, a resident of Telco Barinagar territory in Jamshedpur, police said on Monday.

58-year-old Majeed was arrested close to Bari Masjid under Mango police headquarters (PS) of Jamshedpur by a Gujarat ATS group drove by DSP KK Patel. City police group went by Mango official in-control (OC) Vinay Kumar late Saturday evening.

Majeed was busted on charges of smuggling 4 kilograms of explosive material RDX, 130 pistols, 113 magazines, 750 rounds of bullets manufactured in Pakistan and ten detonators at the behest of Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem in 1996. The explosives and the arms were for bomb blasts in Gujarat and Maharashtra on Republic Day in 1997.

“Majeed has been sneaking here for the past one and half year – first in Telco Barinagar and afterward in a duplex home in a high rise in Mango. He was before staying in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Dubai and came after his visa term lapsed in Malaysia. We are constantly in contact with the Gujarat ATS and investigating Majeed’s neighborhood contacts and links,” Dr M Tamil Vanan, Jamshedpur SSP, said on Monday.

Gujarat ATS had stopped an FIR (449/96) into Mehsana Police Station on December 23, 1996, against captured Md Fazal Mohammad Usman of Ajmer, Anwar Kureshi from Mumbai and Shakeel Ibrahim Kureshi from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

Afterwards, a court in Mehsana issued an arrest warrant against Majeed, Dawood and Abu Salem. All three accused were sentenced to a life term in prison. Abu Salem is right now in prison, Majeed was absconding for 24 years while Dawood was still hiding in Pakistan.

Mango OC Vinay Kumar told they had put the defendant under mechanical surveillance after getting the hint from Gujarat ATS DSP KK Patel. “We have followed the house of Md Inam Ali in Telco Barinagar. We are investigating the links further and go about according to the direction of senior officers,” said Kumar.

Md Inam Ali interacted with Majeed in Dubai and later in Bangkok where the last stayed till 1999. He helped Majid prepare his phoney passport from Patna in 2000 and gave initial convenience to Majeed, his third spouse Ayesha and three youngsters in his own house in Telco Barinagar during May before Majeed including family moved to Gold Duplex-197 in Sahara City under Mango PS in June 2019.

Majeed even purchased his Ford vehicle for Md Inam Ali. The last also helped Majeed make counterfeit Aadhaar cards and different IDs and documents for him, his better half, his kid and 16-year-old sons and 12-year-old little girl. He told the police that his other little girl passed on in March 2019. “He also stated that he was doing the fare import business of rice, pulses and dry fruits from Jamshedpur. He leased the duplex through Sakchi-based property specialist Sahil,” Majeed said during interrogation.

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