World: Popular encoded informing stage Telegram would start pay-for administrations in 2021, Telegram author Pavel Durov declared a week ago in an assertion, as the developing organization needed “in any event two or three hundred million dollars for each year”. 

Durov said he didn’t plan to sell the organization and consequently expected to search for alternate approaches to concoct financing. 

“Telegram will start to create income, beginning one year from now,” Durov said in an assertion. “We will have the option to dispatch incalculable new highlights and welcome billions of new clients,” he added. 

Telegram is a famous web-based media stage in a few nations, especially in the previous Soviet Union and Iran, and is utilized for private correspondences and sharing data and news. 

It has pulled in almost 500 million dynamic clients since its dispatch by Durov and his sibling Nikolai in 2013. 

“For the majority of Telegram’s set of experiences, I paid for the costs of the organization from my own investment funds,” Durov said. “Notwithstanding, with its present development Telegram is on target to arrive at billions of clients and to require fitting financing,” he proceeded. 

Assume we adapt massive public one-to-numerous channels through the Ad Platform. The proprietors of these channels will get free traffic concerning their size,” he composed. Diverse way Telegram could adapt its administration is through premium stickers with “extra expressive highlights,” he wrote. 

“The specialists who make stickers of this new sort will likewise get a piece of the benefit. We need a huge number of Telegram-based designers and private ventures to flourish, improving the experience of every one of our clients.” 

Notwithstanding, Durov additionally referenced that all the highlights that are right now free would remain free. We will add some new highlights for business groups or force clients. “A portion of these highlights will require more assets and will be paid for by these superior clients. Standard clients will have the option to continue appreciating Telegram – for nothing, perpetually,” he expressed. 

All pieces of Telegram devoted to informing will remain promotion free, he added. “We feel that advancing advertisements in private 1-to-1 visits or gathering talks is a poorly conceived notion. Correspondence between individuals should be liberated from publicizing of any kind.”

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