PM Narendra Modi today hit out at past governments for postponing the Dedicated Freight Corridor undertaking of the Railways. The project was given authorization in 2006, yet it was uniquely on paper as the then government came up short on the earnestness and direness with which it needed to take it up with the states, he said after introducing the New Bhaupur-New Khurja part of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor through video conferencing.

PM Modi introduced the EDFC’s activity place at Prayagraj and hailed off the primary 1.5 km long merchandise trains.

“These cargo hallways will assume a significant job in making India independent. Be it merchants, farmers or shoppers, everybody will be profited by these,” said PM Modi through video conferencing.

“We are seeing today, the greatest and present day railroad foundation project after autonomy on the ground. Today, when the main products train ran on the Khurja-Bhaupur cargo passageway course, we heard the buzz and thunder of the new and independent India,” he added.

The 351 km New Bhaupur – New Khurja segment of EDFC is arranged in Uttar Pradesh and is worked at the expense of ₹5,750 crores.

The part will open new vistas of chance for the nearby businesses.

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