Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani was restricted for three games by the English Football Association on Thursday. After utilizing a Spanish expression for Black individuals, he said was expected as a friendly welcome.

Cavani has additionally been fined 100,000 pounds ($136,500) and requested to finish up close and personal training after confessing to penetrating the FA’s principles.

The FA said the remark was “annoying, oppressive, ill-advised and brought the game into offensiveness” and was a “bothered break” since it “included reference, regardless of whether express or suggested, to shading as well as race or potentially ethnic source.”

The Uruguayan posted the message on Instagram after he scored twice in United’s 3-2 triumph at Southampton in October in the Premier League.

“While unmistakably setting and expectation are key variables, we note that the free administrative Commission was needed to force a base three game suspension,” United said in an assertion.

“The club believes that the free Regulatory Commission will make it clear in its composed reasons that Edinson Cavani is anything but a bigot, nor was there any bigoted expectation according to his post.”

The previous Paris Saint-Germain player, who joined United as a free specialist in October, has just given a conciliatory sentiment.

“Edinson Cavani didn’t know that his words might have been misjudged and he genuinely apologized for the post and to any individual who was annoyed,” United said.

“In spite of his legit conviction that he was just sending a loving thank you because of a celebratory message from a dear companion, he decided not to challenge the charge keeping in mind, and fortitude with, The FA and the battle against prejudice in football.”

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