On the off chance that you are somebody who cherishes the quintessential Adrak wali ‘Chai’ gigantically, at that point this snippet of data may enrage you a bit. Another flinch commendable beverage called ‘Butter Tea’ turns into a web sensation on the web, and the chai darlings are kinda netted out.

The year 2020 was the time of exploring different avenues regarding our tastebuds; however, individuals are as yet in aftereffect in 2021 and evaluate strange food blends to wince the web and challenge their gut. Presently, a video has circulated the web of an individual making tea at their slow down. The individual can be seen placing an entire piece of butter in our cherished chai. An Instagram page named foodieagraaaaa posted this video, the page is devoted to the best food spots in Agra. ‘Butter wali chai’ test is credited to Baba Tea Stall, which is in Agra.

The viral video has earned above 2 lakh sees in a range of a couple of days. Netizens were somewhat upset with adding a piece of butter to the tea. Not many clients said that this blend is the most noticeably terrible lousy dream for any chai darling.

One of the clients expressed, “Arre yaar tangle karo yeh bahut zyada ho gaya.” Another client stated, “Arey dada sauce aur mayonise bhi dhal dete ” to which another client expressed, “Thode pav bhaji bhi daal dete.”

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