The decision Trinamool Congress (TMC) is projected to win near 154-162 seats against the BJP’s 98-106 seats in the 294-part house in West Bengal, the ABP-C Voter assessment projections said on January 18. The Congress and Left union is probably going to get 26-34 seats, it said.

In 2016, the TMC had obtained the West Bengal political race by packing 211 seats, while the BJP could win only three seats. The Congress including Left had won 76 seats together in 2016.

The TMC will survey 43 percent votes while the BJP will survey 37.5 percent casts a ballot, the study said.

The ABP News gathered information alongside CVoter for the five surveys bound conditions of West Bengal, Kerala,Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Puducherry.

In Tamil Nadu, DMK+Congress +others is projected to clear surveys by winning 162 seats in the 234-part House. The decision NDA (AIMDMK+BJP+others) is probably going to win 64 seats, as per the projections. In 2016, the UPA had obtained 98 seats while the NDA had gained 136 seats.

In Assam, the decision NDA is projected to re-visitation of force with 77 seats against resistance UPA’s 40 seats in the 126-part house. AIUDF is projected to get seven seats. In 2016, the NDA had won 73, and the UPA had won 36 seats and the AIUDF 13 seats in Assam.

In Kerala, the decision LDF is projected to re-visitation of force with 85 seats. In comparison, the Opposition’s UDF will get 53 seats in the 140-part house. In 2016, LDF acquired 91 seats, and UDF won 47.

In Puducherry, the SDA union (Congress + DMK) is projected to win 14 of the 30 seats. In comparison, the NDA will win 16 seats according to the projections. In 2016, SDA had obtained 17 seats while NDA had won 12 seats in the 30-part House.

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