Imaging does make a difference. Mainly if you are in legislative issues. Also, on the off chance that the fight is as savage as the one for Bengal, at that point considerably more so. There is no rejecting that for each Bengali, Rabindranath Tagore holds a unique spot. There is practically no Bengali family who doesn’t have a book or two by the Nobel laureate or Rabindra Sangeet assortment. The younger age might be snared to hip-jump and techno, yet Tagore’s tunes are frequently de rigueur in many families.

Says artist Sudeep Sen who has dealt with Tagore’s sonnets, “For Bengal, the importance of Tagore is foremost. For the more seasoned age and for the Bengali diaspora abroad, it resembles what society in its all encompassing sense should be — taught, reasonable, libertarian, without hunger, and forward-looking. For the more youthful age, Tagore is something that was a truth of the past, and this idea should be refreshed earnestly. What’s more, that is on the areas that the importance of a big motivator for Tagore has not changed — it is the manner in which his vision is conveyed forward for the new age in a language they comprehend (with no weakening) is the key.”

Furthermore, thus, it’s with profound interest that Bengalis are seeing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His look. His long, streaming facial hair. His long kurtas and a wrap hung across one shoulder. While nobody from the Bharatiya Janata Party or the focal government will affirm that this is an intentional endeavour to interface with Bengalis by projecting Tagore, the comparability can’t be missed. As of late, a picture of the PM circulated the web where he was seen with peacocks at his Lok Kalyan Marg home. The similarity to Tagore situated at the steps of his Shantiniketan home can’t be failed to remember.

The PM’s new look, coordinated with the lockdown’s start, did many puzzles over whether this was the motivation behind why he didn’t go for a hairstyle or trim. Yet, as time passed, he has started to wear a look which bears obvious similarity with Rabindranath Tagore. There are shots from his adversaries. The Trinamool Congress consistently calls him and his gathering “pariahs” attempting to associate with Bengal just for constituent additions. Be that as it may, the BJP rejects this through and through. Says party MP Swapan Dasgupta, “Tagore has a place with all Bengalis and all Indians, independent of their democratic inclinations. He can’t be the private property of any gathering.”

When the PM tended to the Visva-Bharati centennial festivals a year ago, he reacted to this “pariah” charge against him. He talked about the Gujarat associations of Tagore. “Satyendranath Tagore, who was within the Indian Civil Service, was posted into Ahmedabad. Rabindranath Tagore used to attend Gujarat regularly. He remained in Ahmedabad for quite a while. During such a period, he composed his two mainstream sonnets. He composed a segment of Khudito Pashan (Kshudhita Pashan) in Gujarat,” Modi said. “Not just this present, Gujarat’s little girl Srimati Hutheesingh was hitched in the Tagore family. At the point when Satyendranath Tagore’s better half Jnanadanandini Devi was in Gujarat, she saw ladies hanging the pallu of saree on their correct shoulders, which she felt bulky and extemporized the style making the pallu on the left shoulder.”

Amit Malviya From BJP likewise stated, “India’s public development for opportunity was joined by an influx of social, instructive and financial mindfulness all through the nation. Tagore was the philosophical soul behind India’s opportunity battle. Today, Bengal needs another renaissance. It needs to dispose of inescapable defilement, settlement and nepotism. Individuals of Bengal have made up their brains to recover the lost greatness of Bengal and fabricate Sonar Bangla (created Bengal) under the authority of Prime Minister Modi.”

Rabindranath Tagore is known not for simply his sonnets but rather additionally his progressive thoughts. Universalism and confidence were among his perspectives that Modi has associated with his approaches and legislative issues. Like Atmanirbhar Bharat. As the Trinamool Congress equips to assault the PM when he starts his campaigning in Bengal, it’s these lessons of Tagore and their utilization in his strategies placed into the electioneering. Sources state Modi is probably going to harp more on Tagore and Subhas Chandra Bose in his mission, while simultaneously making a pitch for Sonar Bangla. However, with his ‘Tagore look’ which has become an idea, the PM and BJP desire to help the individuals remember Bengal that he is a piece of them. No Bengali can neglect the significance of Tagore. Furthermore, the PM realizes that. ​

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