Motivated by entertainer Sonu Sood’s generosity motions, a decent samaritan here, who saved a few people from suffocating in the notable Hussainsagar Lake situated in the city’s core, began ‘Sonu Sood Ambulance Service’ on Tuesday.

Shiva, a swimmer, says he saved more than 100 individuals from being suffocated in the lake when they endeavoured self-destruction.

Following which individuals began alluding him as ‘Tank Bund Shiva’ for his daring demonstrations.

After seeing his benevolent deeds, individuals began giving him gifts. In any case, he purchased an emergency vehicle and named it after Sonu Sood.

“Individuals have given cash to me for my family. In any case, I spent that add up to buy an emergency vehicle. I named the Emergency vehicle as Sonu Sood Ambulance Service since I was enlivened by his great work,” Shiva said.

Sonu Sood, who was in the city, dispatched the free emergency vehicle administration and lauded Shiva for his work and felt that.

More “legends” like him are expected to help the general public.

“I feel favoured that I came for this rescue vehicle introduction. All gratitude to Shiva. I have heard a ton about Him that he has been saving lives and aiding individuals and we need more Shivas (individuals like him) in our general public so everybody should approach and help other people,” Sonu Sood told journalists.

This emergency vehicle administration will likewise save numerous lives, and the entertainer said adding the pandemic (Covid) has instructed so

Much that in crises, everybody needs to approach like a family and help other people.

Individuals like Shiva, they rouse other sand they move the general public.

It feels glad that this (rescue vehicle administration) will help a ton of destitute individuals and help save numerous lives, Sonu Sood added.

Shiva has been living close to Tank Bund for the past for more than twenty years.

Shiva began protecting individuals who hop into the lake to end it all, following his more youthful sibling’s passing by suffocating in another lake. He has likewise been helping the police in recovering bodies from lakes, a police official said.

Hailing entertainer Sonu Sood, as a ‘Real Hero’, locals of Dubba Tanda of Siddipet region in Telangana constructed a sanctuary. They introduced a bust in December 2020 respecting him for assisting transients with arriving at their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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