At a meeting drove by BJP pioneer Suvendu Adhikari in Chandannagar city, the provocative pioneer Suvendu Adhikari in Chandannagar city, the rousing “goli maaro..” motto was raised on January 20.

The trademark — “desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maaro… ” (shoot the tricksters) — was raised by a couple of BJP units, conveying the gathering banner alongside the Indian tricolour while they were following a truck bringing Adhikari and Hooghly MP Locket Chatterjee in the Rathtala zone of the city.

They guaranteed that the trademark was focused on the country’s double-crossers “some of whom are in the Trinamool Congress”.

State BJP representative Samik Bhattacharya said the gathering doesn’t embrace these sort of mottos.

On January 19, a comparable motto was raised at a Trinamool Congress rally in south Kolkata with party activists calling for “shooting” the double-crossers of Bengal, in an apparent reference to the pioneers who have exchanged over to the BJP.

The BJP representative said that the Chandannagar rally’s trademark was focused on fear-based oppressors, plotting against the country. Simultaneously, the Trinamool Congress men straightforwardly compromised the pioneers who have left the gathering, marking them as swindlers.

“There is a contrast between the two episodes yet we object to such trademarks in our convention,” Bhattacharya stated, declining to determine if the move will be made against the individuals who raised the motto.

Trinamool Congress representative Kunal Ghosh said that however he censures the motto raised at the south Kolkata rally, the BJP needs to answer whether it needs to shoot the individuals restricted to its belief system.

“The BJP men are requesting that the Army shoot the double crossers. Does the BJP need to shoot the individuals contradicted to their belief system?” he said.

In March a year ago, three BJP “allies” were captured for raising the provocative trademark while making a beeline for Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s assembly in Kolkata.

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