As the day-long Mission Paani occasion started on the 72nd Republic Day of India, many including water fighters, lawmakers, association clergymen and superstars met up on Network18 to make the vow of water preservation. Furthermore, among the numerous who made the vow was Ranjitsinh Disable, the schoolteacher from Maharashtra turned into a web excitement via web-based media after winning a $1 million prize. 

Disable, who turned into an easily recognized name in December 2020 after winning the pined for Global Teacher Award, graced the day-long Mission Paani Waterton activity attempted by News18 and Harpic India. The occasion plans to welcome water preservation to the cutting edge of everyday society talk by empowering and congratulating water fighters and hippies like Disable. 

Even though his fans know Disable as an educator, very few realize that he is additionally a hippie on a fundamental level. Disable, from Paritewadi town in Maharashtra’s Solapur area, has been empowering water harvesting procedures among the understudies in his village to lecture water protection during the Covid lockdown a year ago. 

“During the lockdown, we began a perception seat to screen how much water and power is utilized by every understudy at home,” Disable told News18. “In light of information, understudies arranged a strategy to comprehend for how long the water accessible in the town can be utilized,” he added. 

“They additionally concocted an arrangement B on the off chance that there is a precipitation shortage. Understudies have now begun utilizing water wisely,” Disable said. 

Disable won the $1 million yearly Global Teacher Prize 2020 to acknowledge his endeavours to advance young ladies’ schooling and trigger a fast reaction (QR) coded course reading insurgency in India. The schoolteacher accepts that educators are the world’s “genuine changemakers”, had vowed to impart half of the prize cash to different finalists. 

On Wednesday, Disable and other change-creators like water champion Amla Ruiya and Dr Fawzia Tarannum, kid preservationist Licipriya Kanjugam and entertainers like Akshay Kumar, met up to help the reason for water protection. 

The adolescent is significant with regards to atmosphere activity and saving assets like water. Having educators like Disable locally available, the activity expands its message at the ground level. 

Mission Paani, an activity by CNN News18 and Harpic India, is driving a drive to save India’s valuable water assets and make cleanliness a lifestyle. You can add to the reason by taking a Jal Pratigya. Visit

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