Archaeologists have uncovered 2,000-year-old mummies with brilliant tongues inside their mouths in northern Egypt, the service of the old piece says.

An Egyptian-Dominican group working at Alexandria’s Taposiris Magna sanctuary found 16 internments in stone cut burial chambers mainstream in the Greek and Roman times.

Inside were ineffectively safeguarded, mummies.

It is thought the dead were given gold foil unique necklaces moulded like tongues so they could talk under the watchful eye of the court of the god Osiris in eternity.

Antiquated Egyptians accepted that Osiris was the ruler of the hidden world and judge of the dead.

The god was likewise envisioned in plated adornments on the cartonnage – a material made of layers of mortar, cloth and paste – that was mostly encasing one of the mummies, lead excavator Kathleen Martinez of the University of Santo Domingo was referred to by the service of the old piece as saying.

The plated adornments on the cartonnage around a subsequent mummy’s head portrayed a crown, horns and a cobra snake, she added. On the chest, the improvements represented a piece of jewellery from which balanced the top of a bird of prey – the god Horus’s image.

Khaled Abo El Hamd, chief general of the ancient pieces expert in Alexandria, said the archaeological mission at Taposiris Magna had additionally found the burial service cover of a lady, eight brilliant chips of a bright wreath, and eight marble covers going back to the Greek and Roman periods.

The old pieces service said various coins bearing the name and picture of Queen Cleopatra VII had recently been found inside the sanctuary.

Cleopatra VII was the last sovereign of the Greek-speaking Ptolemaic administration, administering Egypt from 51-30 BC. After her demise, Egypt fell under Roman control.

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