Right now, many employers and employees are struggling with a new working style. The current era requires them to switch their working style from in-house to work from home so quickly. It’s due to the health crisis, and challenges have just started in every business. When you hire a remote team for your company, your team’s key is communication. The regular way of communication (face-to-face) is not an option in a remote team.

Now you have to communicate through emails and other tools like Slack. Make sure the emails are concise, keep meetings to-the-point, and use reliable communication software. It is the right time to start your remote team practices as efficiently as possible. Communication and digital transformation in your business will help you improve business workflow and structure according to the remote setting.

Moreover, here is a compiled list of easy-to-implement tips that will help you tackle remote team management with effortlessness.

Regular Check-In Meetings

Frequent meetings are important to maintain an ethical and well-balanced work culture in remote working practice. Even when the working environment for every has been shifted quite drastically, scheduling meetings is quite challenging. If you want to keep your meetings occur smoothly, follow the below advice;

  • Plan well but in advance.
  • Arrange check-in meetings regularly with the relevant team.
  • Limit the time of the meeting.
  • Always have an agenda for discussion.
  • Ask for feedback.

Remember, you can set up-one-on-one meetings anytime for important issues that don’t fit the regular meetings. It’s because a particular issue may require your full attention.

Provide Multiple Platforms for Planning & Communication

You don’t have to arrange a video meeting every time, but you must have a backup plan if technology fails. Give access to the tools that can facilitate your remote team for a better connection. Make sure you’ve a reliable and effective tool to plan your projects. You can consider email, Trello, Asana, Slack, Zoom, and much other software for better communication planning and methods.

A piece of advice, keep everything simple and easy-to-use. It’s because you may need a backup someday or another. So, pick out a few tools and make them work for your remote team accordingly. Don’t forget to train them first.

Clarify Goals & Deadlines

Every new remote team must know your company’s expectations and goals. Also, before starting any project, you must give an overview regarding project hierarchy, deadlines, goals, problems to overcome, etc. Below are some suggestions you can implement to knock your remote team goals out of the field;

  • Arrange an initial motivating video call.
  • Clarify deadlines for every project.
  • Install a project management board.
  • If a deadline is missed, ask for a heads-up.
  • Explain clearly about consequences regarding missed deadlines.

Practice the S.M.A.R.T goals method; it will be helpful for you. You must be thinking what S.M.A.R.T stands for, right? Well, it says Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. It’s a wholesome package for a successful team management method and isn’t attainable. 

Share Top-Notch Practices

You don’t need to rebuild the working cycle. Find resources for the best work from home practices and share every news or update with team members. Build a dedicated workspace and set working hours to keep the remote team motivation. There are several tips on the internet that can help you practice remote work effectively. Share the normal working deadlines regarding ongoing projects and expectations.

Be Flexible

Not every one of your remote team is a morning person; many of them are more productive at night. Also, remember that there are other family members around your employee, and he/she could have different family obligations. Don’t micromanage; allow your employees flexible working hours. They should be able to take short breaks, this way you’ll be able to show them trust. 

Some employees may struggle with new remotely working practices. Consider providing flexibility and grace, especially when an employee comes to you with their struggling concern. 

Schedule Informal Meetings

There must be separate hours for socialization because it’s as important as formal meetings. Many mental health experts around the world are advising employees to take out some relaxation time. You can give something to look forward to, like happy hours or “get to know you” virtual meetings.

Even in informal meetings, an employer can add fun activities. It will bring positive vibes among your team even in a formal meeting.

Host Virtual Challenges

Connect your team with virtual challenges and games once a week. This will boost their creativity and encourage socialization. From wacky hair day to photography challenges, you can bring fun to your remote team’s work routine. Despite being outside the office and social distance, there are many ways to engage with a remote team.

Moreover, you can always exercise challenges by hosting virtual games like online scavenger hunts, timed pop culture quizzes, words with friends, etc. This is another way to but be creative and find apps that can connect employees. 

Empower Your Remote Team 

Currently, businesses are facing unique challenges due to the outbreak of COVID-19. You must empower your remote employees to avoid unnecessary struggles. With every new day, you’ll find effective ways to manage your remote team’s workload and meetings. This may be difficult for some companies, but it will be rewarding to see your remote team flourish under pressure.

Milestones and achievements are an important part of any work culture. Just because you have a remote team doesn’t mean you miss out on the empowering part of work culture.

When you hire a remote team from a top-notch company like Aspire, they’ll help you empower them. But if you’re on your own, then things may get a little messy. You can offer them honor, trust, and flexibility to ease the work pressure in such scenarios.

Every team member is important for your company, so you must learn ways, techniques, or methods to work together and achieve success. You may have heard of real-time performance and productivity statistics. These updates can also motivate your team and engage them more.

Once you have the statistics of each individual employee, you can provide them mentorship. Take time and tailor your strategies to coach them concerning their duties. You can involve constructive feedback and positive reinforcement in your strategy.


Hire remote team now and evolve with digitalization. Remote work practice helps many companies worldwide grow and expand their ROI (return of investment). At Aspired, you can hire well-trained, talented, and expert workers in no time. This remote employee works dedicatedly on every assigned project. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Aspired now and enjoy working with a well-managed remote team.

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